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    Self-Employed Surveillance Operatives/Teams

    We are currently experiencing and increased number of enquiries frrom clients which require the conducting of surveillance and would like to hear from any self employed operatives to conduct surveillance on our behalf on an agency basis. We will require the details of operatives both in the UK...
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    HPC Registered Paramedic Required Devon

    We're not recruiting for this but may be of some use to someone here? Remote Trauma Ltd HPC Paramedics Full-Time, Permanent £38,400 per annum Travel Expenses Remote Trauma Ltd urgently require HPC Registered Paramedics for an exciting and challenging UK project. If you have the right skills...
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    Assistance required -Self-Employed CPO's/CPO Providers

    Group, We are currently looking into the possibility of adding CP and Security Services as a further offering to our clients but require assistance of those in the know. SIA etc is in progress but as this is not an area we have great knowledge of would be grateful of any assistance from...
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    Proactive Intelligence Ltd

    Proactive Intelligence Ltd Professional Private Investigators, Enquiry Agents and Process Servers providing coverage across the UK. http://www.proactiveintelligence.co.uk
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