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    Kabul Security Team Recommendations?

    Pilgrims, Hart, G4s. All will have ad-hoc capacity. Feel free to message me directly if you need a point of contact.
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    Intelligence Trainer

    NOT the PoC. Operational Intelligence Trainer/Assessor Intqual-pro Ltd - Bedford MK45 Link: https://www.indeed.co.uk/company/Intqual--pro-Ltd/jobs/Operational-Intelligence-Trainer-Assessor-4767375e89660868?fccid=73dbf09274616578&vjs=3 Intqual-pro are one of the UK's best respected and...
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    RST Close Protection Specialist - London

    Not the POC RST Close Protection Specialist Gavin de Becker & Associates - London £40,000 - £41,000 a year...
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    2 x Medic vacancies - Minimal Risk $250 USD/Day

    I am not the POC - Vacancy received 22 Jan 2017 This vacancy has been passed on with the permission of Minimal Risk Minimal Risk are seeking Tier 2 Medics for a Client in Basra For further details please go to the Minimal Risk Recruitment vacancies page Job Ref 1107 (link below) Tier...
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    Security Professional - South West England £29k

    I am most certainly not the POC for this one. Very best of luck to anyone interested in this...
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    Betting with my career?

    Whenever you meet with a prospective employer, both of you are on your best behaviour. You want a better job, they want top employees. With this in mind, this is the most professional they will ever be with you. If a prospective employer has given you an ultimatum, to leave your current role...
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    city and guilds Weapons Blue Card accreditation

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not endorsing this as "good" training for armed roles. Being safe and operationally effective are two very different animals.
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    city and guilds Weapons Blue Card accreditation

    The course is legit, legal and run at my local range. However, I understand the full bore element is bolt action .223 or .308 to satisfy MCA/Home Office requirements for authorising the use of armed guards in UK flagged vessels. Give the folk at the tunnel a ring and they would be more...
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    Another Walt outed ? !

    Christopher Lee "remained tight lipped about his service until his death last month"..... What? After which he became surprisingly conversational???? Come on DM, sort your journalism out!!
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    Sea Marshals Cardiff U.K.

    I had a similar issue with a UK based PMC, it took close to a year to recover the £4700 that I was owed but it got there. After having no luck even with a successful County Court Judgement, I used a firm called THE SHERIFFS OFFICE. Very professional, didn't muck around and in the end didn't...
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    NOT THE POC (clearly) but received it today and may be of use to someone. Hi The Ministry of Defence are looking for a number of MOD Police Constables to join them and I thought it may be of interest given your background: Ministry of Defence Police, MOD Police Constables, Aldermaston...
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    Pulled a gun on a wife beater in my building today. Your thoughts?

    #112..... "Pronto..... Carabinieri?" There we go, no firearms, no threat of lethal force and no time in a Milan jail.
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    1.25 million security qualifications hailed

    I'm always interested in the comparisons that we can draw against the SIA when we look at how much they make (1.25m quals x £230 every three years = a potential £95.8million income per annum (not including refusals or dual licenses). Compare this to the licensed trades. A licensee (pub...
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    Accepting a caution

    I have always found it interesting (but not surprising) why certain pieces of information are not required to be clearly on display e.g. "You are entitled to....." "You do not have to accept a caution, but...." etc. I know that many of these rights are explained in an interview but what isn't...
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    PTSD rates are said to be much higher in PCASP than in [UK] military personnel.

    Interesting to hear people talk of "companies" providing counselling. Returning service personnel go through decompression periods to allow adjustment to normal life back home. Some may argue that a similar process should take place within the private sector. The bottom line is.... well, the...
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    Help to ID a piece of sv kit.

    Can anyone identify this from the image? Found during a search, 2 x 1.5v gearing aid batteries, magnetic, small chip in the top. Answers via PM please. Thanks in advance.
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    Information on a certain Company

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....... you see where I am going? Any firm that asks for up front training fees and promises a job at the end (in any industry) is most likely a scam. Or an unscrupulous training provider. Either way, in the words of brave brave...
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    Afghanistan Question

    I think you will begin to see the end of out of country PSC's unless they are contracted by diplomatic missions. Most likely the same situation as in Iraq with the remaining teams being very heavily augmented by local personnel and jointly managed/licensed by Afghan companies or the Afghan...
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    UK Infantry Security Trainer Vacancy

    I am not the POC Hi *******, I hope you are well- please take a look at the below job and let me know if you are interested in it: Military Security Instructor Full, time permanent Travelling Role £24,000 starting An excellent opportunity has arisen with a client of mine who are...
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    Conflict Managment Trainer

    I AM NOT THE POC Committed Network has been asked to help a Private Health Organisation dealing with LD Patients/Elderly/Residential Services & Brain Injury to find a suitable person for their Conflict Manager & Resolution Trainer. There are two positions available - one in the Midlands...
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