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    CP World

    Nobody uses this place anymore, places like LinkedIn are a lot better than here. This place used to be a very good place 10 years ago, but the Walters got on here and they ruined it. Those who used it to source good blokes etc got fed up of the Walt community and just stopped posting on here due...
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    RST Gavin De Becker

    RST Close Protection Specialist Gavin de Becker & Associates - London £40,000 - £41,000 a year Just for everyone's information, this position has been flying around for quite some time and to get on with them is extremely difficult. I know of guys who have been selected to attend there...
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    Cpo, eu

    Guys To clarify the CPO EU position that Crumpy has posted. You are required to have Full Bore qual from a range in the UK/EU and also C/C1 Licence or B6 qualification/Training. I like many have worked on this very contract but now dont fit the bill due to Brussels strict requirements...
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    Move from Maritime to CP

    Mate as mentioned below from Protectasia, if you got regular work then stay put, like the Maritime side of the business CP or PSD is not much better. If your looking at the UK side of Close Protection then to be fair you got alot to do and be up against guys with UK experience and who have been...
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    I'm all for helping people out finding work, but seriously on here all thats being posted is jobs from either other recruitment website or the actual company website. This is exactly why this industry is so shit, people don't do there own leg work anymore, that and the jobs around now are just...
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    New Close Protection Operators

    Not by him no :)
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    New Close Protection Operators

    Swatrfc Some sound advice their mate and advice to take note of. You actually did mention that the market if "full" so to you I say did you do research before conducting your course and by that I'm just asking that you knew the market is flooded yet you went ahead and completed your CP Course...
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    Advertise your self here.

    Give these a bell mate, not saying you will get employed but worth calling them for guidance. Servoca Resourcing Solutions - Services & Jobs for Police, Public & Private Sectors
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    Recommendations on the most favoured CP Course?

    Lancs, do yourself a favour and look at spending your cash on something more worth while, work is thin on the ground as already mentioned, theres a company at the moment here in Iraq who have cut the lads salary to a ridiculous $2120 a month salaried and thats for a 2 I/C around £1700 notes a...
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    Hello Buddy, that statement from BJSecurities isn't true at all. CP Teams are not just made up of Ex SF, Para's and Marines, and its not in there DNA either, many many years ago I worked on a team that had 1 Ex SF Team Leader the rest of us were a mix of Ex Military and Police, and I will say...
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    I will make no apologies for posting this advert with regards to jobs, (not me advertising either) but is it me or is this some sort of joke, the pay rate is for self employed preferably with experience. I understand its short term but come on, are guys really that desperate to work for nothing...
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    lookinr for close protection work

    Your profile is empty so how about a little more info, what experience have you got (if any) what your looking for,what do you bring to the table that would make somebody want to hire you. Things like that would be a good start.
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    What age is too old to work in CP?

    Mate some good advice already been given to you. I can see your thinking with thorough knowledge of the corporate sector, maybe do some solid research/networking there, put the feelers out so to speak. To be honest with you this time of year you will see plenty of decent jobs kicking about and...
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    FPOS -v- MIRA

    I know this is an pretty old post, but just to add on this Ive completed a FREC 3 course and basically where I work they stipulate you got to have MIRA and well I am refusing to do it when I don't need to due to all the points above. The job title we have is either Tier 1 or Tier 2 Medic, I'm a...
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    Currently looking for security management work

    Stick with Wilson James, good company and one who I'm sure will help you onto the Security Management ladder. And you have been doing this long enough to get yourself out and about with your CV and ringing the companies.
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    Where is everyone?

    You aint missing anything in the sandpit I can tell you that. Its pump, and so is the money..!
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    I will ask you where you want to work, and if you have done any research on it, because if your looking at the HE side of life I wouldn't bother, don't listen to advice unless you have done research, there is very little work available and the pay now is shocking, if your seeking UK side of life...
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    FREC Medical Qualification Level 3/4

    Just completed my FREC 3 and I will add that yes there is odds an sods of FPOS (I) but its more detailed and I used the Med book I used on my MIRA, and it is replacing FPOS (I) with FPOS being no more as of the end of this month (October 16) I'm no medic guru just do whats required to keep up to...
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    Frec 3

    I have been informed that FPOS will be replaced by FREC as of the end of this month (October), as I'm aware you will be able to convert your FPOS (I) to FREC 3, its all pretty hush hush as I see it, don't think everyone is sure on what is happening or that they actually know, the people booking...
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    Intrepid Risk Management, London

    This is just how it should be and something thats lacking within the Business today, cuts out all the wannabe's and walters for sure. More about saving money these days rather than professional standards.
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