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    Intelligence Trainer

    NOT the PoC. Operational Intelligence Trainer/Assessor Intqual-pro Ltd - Bedford MK45 Link: https://www.indeed.co.uk/company/Intqual--pro-Ltd/jobs/Operational-Intelligence-Trainer-Assessor-4767375e89660868?fccid=73dbf09274616578&vjs=3 Intqual-pro are one of the UK's best respected and...
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    RST Close Protection Specialist - London

    Not the POC RST Close Protection Specialist Gavin de Becker & Associates - London £40,000 - £41,000 a year...
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    2 x Medic vacancies - Minimal Risk $250 USD/Day

    I am not the POC - Vacancy received 22 Jan 2017 This vacancy has been passed on with the permission of Minimal Risk Minimal Risk are seeking Tier 2 Medics for a Client in Basra For further details please go to the Minimal Risk Recruitment vacancies page Job Ref 1107 (link below) Tier...
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    Security Professional - South West England £29k

    I am most certainly not the POC for this one. Very best of luck to anyone interested in this...
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    NOT THE POC (clearly) but received it today and may be of use to someone. Hi The Ministry of Defence are looking for a number of MOD Police Constables to join them and I thought it may be of interest given your background: Ministry of Defence Police, MOD Police Constables, Aldermaston...
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    Help to ID a piece of sv kit.

    Can anyone identify this from the image? Found during a search, 2 x 1.5v gearing aid batteries, magnetic, small chip in the top. Answers via PM please. Thanks in advance.
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    UK Infantry Security Trainer Vacancy

    I am not the POC Hi *******, I hope you are well- please take a look at the below job and let me know if you are interested in it: Military Security Instructor Full, time permanent Travelling Role £24,000 starting An excellent opportunity has arisen with a client of mine who are...
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    Conflict Managment Trainer

    I AM NOT THE POC Committed Network has been asked to help a Private Health Organisation dealing with LD Patients/Elderly/Residential Services & Brain Injury to find a suitable person for their Conflict Manager & Resolution Trainer. There are two positions available - one in the Midlands...
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    Employability Issues: Job Advertisements and members looking for work.

    I've been a member of this forum for a while now and having stepped from an operational to a training and mentoring role I have been looking at much of the members input (and subsequent comments) in a new light. Firstly, Job Ad's. Any member forwarding a link to an external advert is doing...
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    Not directly security but....

    Free Training in Bristol / Somerset (I am not the POC) If you are out of work and looking to bolster that SIA badge with a CSCS card for working on construction sites (As security or in any capacity) there is a training company in Bristol/Somerset that are offering the training, test, CSCS...
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    Why do these scam artists even bother.

    Had this arrive in the email inbox today.... oh how my sides ache from laughing. (Check the apparant cc list at the bottom) INTERNATIONAL POLICE AUTHORITY JOHN F. KENNEDY RESIDENT AGENCY ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONETARY CRIMES DIVISION Deferred inspections unit American airlines - terminal...
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    Not quite security but related

    Not the POC but I have had a similar position in the past on an ad hoc basis. Great fun and ideal for ex-mil / emergency services / prison services etc etc. (You will need a PTLLS minimum though!) Public Services Lecturer - Dorchester Pastoral Lecturer for Level 3 Uniformed Public Services
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    Data Protection Act Breaches

    I would like to post a question for debate / discussion among the members while, simultaneously, posing a question to our site Mods. Is it right, taking into account the Data Protection Act (DPA), for forum members advertising vacancies to threaten to either report or name and shame other...
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    Garmin 60CSx

    For Sale: Garmin 60CSx, barely used and complete with manual, USB, Car charger, belt clip and Trip & Waypoint manager CD. Great piece of kit, now surplus to requirement. £170 including P&P via royal mail special delivery, payment via paypal for your security and mine. Contact via PM...
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    Looking for a provider

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for a provider (ideally in the south west) for conflict management trainer & PI trainer copurses. Before the smart arses ask, yes I have used the search bar and yes I have researched extensively on line. Ta.
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    The oddity of "Fastball" vacancies

    I watch and read with a degree of interest the number of vacancies marked as "Fastballs" and "Urgent Requirement for...", after close to a decade of working accross many aspects of domestic and HE roles as opperator/TL/Consultant and project management.... I am still perplexed. As an...
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    Garmin foretrex 401 GOS

    Garmin 401 foretrex GPS - complete with wrist strap, Instructions on Garmin CD Rom, USB cable and batteries. great condition, works well, all old data removed. £85 including postage to mainland UK / BFPO Message me for details - payment accepted by paypal
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    Otis Weapon Cleaning system

    Not returning to HE work, I have an OTIS "Delux" weapon cleaning kit for sale. For those who have had the pleasure "Kit aisle" of the PX - this is the cleaning kit the packs down into the small zip up belt pouch (about 3 1/2 inches accross). The kit also includes a 7.62 bore snake (bought...
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    Garmin GPS with Afghan mapping

    Garmin 401 Fore Trex - Wrist mounted GPS, loaded with mapping for Kabul and surrounding region. Complete with wrist strap (and estension strap so it can be worn over clothing), USB cable, CD and batteries. Excellent condition, a superbly discrete GPS unit - ideal for use in settings where space...
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    Candidate charges for applications & membership

    Since entering this industry in 2006 I have hopped from contract to contract as the need has arisen. As a result, I have sent my fair share of CV's, applications and enquiries to numerous potential employers. More recently, I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of organisations...
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