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    Secret audio recording legality

    I was hoping someone versed in the data protection act could tell me if recording audio in a corridor of one of her majesty's buildings was not breaching it. If not, can anyone recommend a solicitor that is? Its their word against mine essentially and they told a fib. Kindest regards...
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    First aiding on the side?

    I have been on quite an intensive 3 day first aid course trained in CPR, Defib etc;are there any first aid jobs in the London area? Besides St Johns, any other first aid companies that pay approx 9ph quid or more? I know this is a security forum and this subforum has nothing to do with first...
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    Trained fighter and the law querie.

    If you never told anyone you were a martial artist trained in the dojo/ring and worked your way up through the belts to be a competent fighter how would the prosecution find out about it? I ask as i have heard this can go against you in court.
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    Arrest v Detainment

    Citizens arrest as far as im aware is essentially an arrest. Members of the public can only arrest on indictable offenses. I had this discussion with someone that mentioned PCSO's can only detain my question was what if its an indictable offense that happened, PCSO's are considered civilian...
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    Area Managers qualifications and responsibilities?

    I really would like to know what rests on an area managers shoulders and what his qualifications would have to be for him/her to be in that position. Anyone please tell me.
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    If my next sia badge was lost in post would i be able to work?

    Mine runs out in January and i can see it might get lost or delayed in the post due to xmas and new year. If that was the case would that mean id have to stay home. If it was royal mails fault could i expect maybe a 2-4 week wait to get it delivered? What if i accidently filled out the form...
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    Contract guards get same pay/benefits/perks as in house guards?! question.

    Im a contract response officer whose company are trying to find holes in the system to exploit so not to have to pay us the extra we are entitled too i.e. equal pay, benefits, holiday allowance. Currently its the inhouse security that deal with our rosters sending them out to my company to pass...
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    How to find a good solicitor?

    Im really just hoping theres some sort of score board that will show all the solicitor/companies wins and losses so i could pick the best. Maybe case files so i could see how serious the charges were on the defendant that were equitted or dismissed. Preferably in the london area. Thanks.
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    Working as a DS in Ibiza/Tenerife?

    Would i need a license if any? Knowing Spanish language preferred or essential? Spanish law much different to ours in regards to use of force? What british based companies work there? Whats the pay like? At the moment its only out of curiousity just like to know for future reference.
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    Whats better "H&S in the work place" or S.P.A Passport??

    As the title suggests which one is the best out of the two. S.P.A passport is the "core day safety passport" course.
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    Lost "Emergency first aid at work" certificate..

    I have a DS License, i did train for "Emergency first aid at work" but because of the new rules as of November my 3 year certificate is apparently void and i cant get a copy or replacement because the agency that did has used another organisation to do the certification and the old one was...
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    Paul83 Introduction on 13th May 2009

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. Yes Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. I'm currently a DS Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. Advise, tips, tricks and anything else that can make me a better DS Q. Tell our...
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