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    What DSLRs are you using?

    Hi, Looking for a new DSLR to replace my ageing one so would welcome any recommendations. Thanks
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    Good little torch at a decent price

    Hi, Bought one of these and am very impressed by it's performance and price, so sharing the details. Ordered online and it arrived a few days later. rs-online.com is the website.
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    RYA power boat courses in Colwyn Bay, North Wales

    Colwyn Bay has a water sports centre which provides RYA powerboat level 2 and RYA safety boat courses, both of which are two day courses. Prices are £250 and £175 respectively. Mark Treleaven-Jones is the guy to speak to and who delivers the courses. Very pro military guy...
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    After Action Report

    Hi, I am after an After Action Report template or similar. The organisation I am currently working for does not have anything for this purpose. I could produce my own, based on a template from the UK HSE website and my own experience, however I would be grateful if someone could share...
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    Armoured vehicle emergency entry kit

    All, Advice sought please. The organisation I am currently working for are after a kit which can be used to force entry to an armoured vehicle, namely Toyota landcruisers, following a road collision or similar, in order to extract the personnel inside the vehicle. There are some...
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    Security officer jobs with the European External Action Service

    See the below link for more information on security advisor and regional security officer jobs with the European External Action Service Web Filter I am not the POC. Good luck.
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    Security officer jobs - OSCE in Ukraine

    The OSCE have 8 posts for security officers at various locations in Ukraine. Deadline for applications is the 27th February 2015 Vacancy number VNSMUS00189. Applications via the OSCE website. I am not the POC. Good luck.
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    OSCE hring in Ukraine

    The OSCE is hiring: Security Officer (International Seconded, OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine) https://lnkd.in/bxgnznx I am not the POC. Good luck
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    Istanbul hotels recommendations

    Transiting through Istanbul, any recommendations for decent hotels close to the airport. Thanks.
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    G4S vacancies in AFG

    Several CP positions available in AFG. I am not the POC. See the below link. Good luck. Close Protection Operator - Kabul / Lashkar Gah - Afghanistan
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    Criminal Record Disclosure Calculator

    Understanding what must be disclosed to an employer and what convictions are spent, can sometimes be difficult to work out. For the benefit of those members who have a conviction or two, spent or otherwise, there is a new online calculator which takes the stress out of working it all out...
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    Security officer jobs with Inkermans

    I am not the POC! SECURITY OFFICERS (Ref IGSP0202) The Inkerman Group is currently recruiting for a wide range of licenced security staff to join its existing team for a variety of deployments throughout the UK. These roles include : Security Supervisor Security Officer Event Steward Door...
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    courses with Skills for Security

    Continuous professional development is important in keeping ahead of the game and improving one's career prospects in an ever increasing competitive market. I know of many people who are reluctant to invest their time and hard earned money in their future but expect at the same time to just...
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    A Walt story

    Just finishing a task in AFG so here is a wee story about a walt. Into the office walks this guy and says in a booming voice "Yeah, I bin doin PSD for 7 years and seen more shit in that time than most people see in a lifetime". He told us about his Ranger and SF experience in the US...
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    Instructor vacancies in Saudia Arabia

    CSEC4 are advertising on their website for the below positions in Saudi. Senior Instructor – Firearms Senior Instructor - Defensive Tactics & Arrest Techniques Senior Instructor - Crowd Control Instructor VIP & Embassy Protection Instructor - Hostage...
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    Blue Hackle AFG recruiting

    BH are recruiting for new positions in AFG. The start date is the 17th December. I have worked for BH on several occasions and they are a reputable and good company to work for. I am not the POC and if interested suggest that you contact their office in London. Good luck.
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    UCP Group CP vacancies

    UCP Group are advertising their current vacancies on the below link. http://www.ucpgroup.co.uk/trainingandoperations/index.php?page=current-vacancies The email dropped into my inbox and I am busy so passing it on. I don't know anything about the group and am not the POC. Good luck.
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    UNOPS vacancies (multiple posts Iraq)

    UNOPS are advertising for PSD posts at multiple sites in Iraq, closing date the 14th December 2010. Google UNOPS vacancies and further details can be found including email address etc. I am not the POC. Good luck
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    Pashtu language learning CD wanted

    I am after a CD or DVD covering the basics of the spoken language. Rosetta stone do a basic CD for £160+ which is quite pricey, so if anyone has a Pashtu language learning pack which is surplus to requirements and much cheaper than the above price, pls let me know. Alternatively I would be...
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    G4S Policing solutions jobs(former Police officers)

    G4S Policing solutions are after former Police officers who hold either a DS or CP SIA licence for some tasks in the North West of the UK in September and October. If you fit the bill their contact details are at www.policingsolutions.co.uk I am not the POC. Good luck.
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