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    FPOS recommendations

    Excellentia, St Pauls, London Excellentia Security - Courses
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    FPOS traning course

    Have a look at Perseus Risk Management based in Rugby - probably the closest to you in Brum. But don't just take my word for it, do your due diligence, contact Steve at steve.l@perseusrisk.com; he'll give you some honest, no nonsense advice and answer all of your questions.
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    FPOS traning course

    Hi Mate Where abouts are you and how far are you willing to travel. Are you just looking to tick a box or are you more concerned about going on a quality course to benefit from it? Are you looking for a standard, urban/civilian FPOS or one with a more remote slant? The Security Adviser is a...
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    Exmed remove Horizons MiRA license

    So you did an Exmed course, at Exmed with Exmed instructors? One of the instructors was from Horizon so how could that be under the 'Horizon' umbrella?
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    Medic/First aider/Advanced first aider

    Hi Spycather Welcome to the forum. Firstly Bravo - it is always great to hear from people who want to better themselves. But before someone brutally pisses on your flames, I'm just going to gently moisten the edges with a damp rag ;) All of the courses you are looking at will leave...
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    Rectal Fluid Administration - anyone have experience?

    That's interesting - I'm not in a position to debate it but I find it interesting that in so many instances we always do things simply because we have always done them that way. It would be great to meet up in Malta and when we do I'll be wearing two pairs of canvas pants with buttocks...
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    Rectal Fluid Administration - anyone have experience?

    Would it not be better to position the casualty on their left to promote flow into the sigmoid colon - as per PR medication and enema? Dermoclysis? Every day's a learning day - more great work mate.
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    FPOS Colossal Training Ltd Blackpool

    I am glad you have enjoyed the course and I wish more people would post positive reviews rather than criticism of TPs but I also wish people wouldn't say "It is the best medical course ever" because you had a 'Hostile package' on a five-day course and used haemostatics and tourniquets... I'm...
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    FPOS Intermediate - What would you carry?

    Best analogy ever :)
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    FPOS Intermediate - What would you carry?

    Sorry Customloads, I didn't say you have nothing more to add; you can see by the number of Likes I have given your posts over the years that I rate your contributions. I am sorry I didn't credit your 2nd comment in my first post. I don't think you are a bad person. Let's not fall out about...
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    FPOS Intermediate - What would you carry?

    Your second post was much better than #7 (as I'm counting) but it is a perfectly valid and responsible question for someone to ask what equipment they should carry in relation to their training. Hardly ridiculous.
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    FPOS Intermediate - What would you carry?

    14 Posts before we get a decent response? This is the reason this forum has a particular reputation. And it is a real shame because there is so much combined knowledge and experience amongst it. The guy came here, oblivious to the connotations about a rather minor piece of phraseology with a...
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    How to record a radio conversation?

    Hi all. I would like to record radio traffic over a private channel (I have permission). I work witha client who use Motorola radios on site. Their base station has no Audio Out sockets. I have tried simply plugging in a MP3 recorder to a hand unit via a cheap 2pin-Motorola M4...
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    Tier 1 Medic Course Locations

    My thoughts on Medic courses and how to choose a credible TP. Not an Advert mods ;)
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    Level 3 First Aid, any demand?

    This is my interpretation; I would be interested in hearing other trainers opinions.
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    Level 3 First Aid, any demand?

    Yes, FAW is FAW but only a TP who accredits their course through an Awarding Organisation which is recognised by Ofqual can call their courses "Level 3 FAW". Yes, as I understand it (and don't quote me on this) FPOSB and I will be reclassified.
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    Level 3 First Aid, any demand?

    FAW is FAW. If the training provider is using an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation, they can deliver the FAW course which is featured on the QCF Units database, placed at Level 3. The reality is all FAW courses are the same given the regulations are the same whichever route you chose...
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    Right tool for the job. Here are my thoughts on choosing a watch.
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    FPOS Course Near Cambridge

    Perseus Risk are in Rugby...75 miles away? £500 incl VAT or £800 incl VAT with 4 star full board accomodation | First Person On The Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I)
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    What next after FAAW?

    When you say "ALL" HSE first aid courses, do mean you actually deliver both EFAW and FAW?
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