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    Lawmate kit for sale

    I have various bn lawmate items for sale pm if interested. Sent from using Close Protection World mobile app
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    Lawmate kit for sale

    Hi I have some brand new lawmate kit for sale. Bought for a project but did not use and have now moved onto other things so surplus to requirements. I have pv900hd phone Pv500hd recorder Bu13 and bu15 button/pinhole cameras Earphone camera also a hd watch camera And a small tracker Open to...
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    Lawmate kit for sale

    Hi all I have some brand new lawmate products for sale. All equipment has been taken out of boxes and stored in pelicases. Bought for a task but didnt use in the end. I have: pv900hd phone Pv500hd Two button camera pu13 and 15 Ear phone camera works well will the phone Hd watch not lawmate Law...
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    police application

    Hi all After some advice really. I applied to West Midlands Police Force back in Feb, and i still have not heard a reply from them, after looking on their website it states that if unsuccessful you will recieve a letter within a few weeks. Applications for police officer are now closed. Does...
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    Hi all, does anyone know of any companies recruiting surveillance ops?
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    Work Urgent!

    hi all not posted for a while, anyone out there looking for operatives to work in any area really not fusy about what i do or how much i get paid, just looking for some advice and help getting work, (NOT interested in middle east) cv can be supplied if required. cheers guys and gals
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    hi all any one know of any companies that are looking for technical & surveillance trained persons. (not want to be self employed) cheers
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    Hi All Does anyone know of any companies that are looking for drivers. cheers
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    police application

    hi all does anyone know how long it is before you find out if you have passed the initial sifting phase to join west mids police. cheers
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    CP overseas

    hi all does anyone know of any companies that recruit for personnel to live/work abroad in countries other than the sandpits. thanks for any advice.
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    anyone help!

    any one able to give me any info on the cotswold group. areas of work, pay, hours etc... thanks
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    Surveillance Advice

    Hi looking for any tips and info on companies that are recruiting and how to break into the civilian surveillance world. I have a surveillance background but have not much idea on where to start. Any tips and comments would be appreciated.
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    intro into the civi world

    hi all have been on here a while, but this is the first time i have managed to get a post out. i have a military surv background and am currently in my last few weeks of service prior to attending a cp course. any info would be great on all aspects of both close protection and surveillance.
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