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  1. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    Come on theres always at least 2 games on a day and theres always super saturdays the penultimate 6 nations weekend oh and dont roll ur eyes at be lol im not adverse to the odd ruck
  2. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    Depends whats on matey rugby has the ability to keep me silent for hours!!!!! well not silent but there is no idle nattering!!!
  3. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    It's the multi tasking thing dodger, you cant spout s***e and spell as well, lol
  4. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    A deliberate mistake to see if the genetic theory is infact correct!!!!!
  5. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    Yes females are born with an inbuilt ability to smell dog shit at 100 miles because we are forced to spend our lives filtering through the shit men spill out to us!!!! And oh is the number still there because being a bloke you are born with the gene that enbables you to ignore female comments...
  6. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    Not the tool in question..........
  7. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    Indeed it is Dodger, lets just say I was doing a little research on a potential walt and it led me to this posT, being the observant pain in the back side that I am I thought I would flag it! (oh that and the fact im bored!! haha)
  8. M

    Gideon Introduction on 20th April 2010

    What happened to persec???? its amazing how many slips you find when you have a few hours to kill!!!!!!
  9. M

    Walt hunting for beginners

    Hi Guys, seems like forever since I posted any thing but this one caught my attention, we all come accross the muppetts and the walters, what amazes me though is they think no one sees through them, I just come off a short gig with one of these creatures and the lies told were really quite...
  10. M


    kaz take it from some one who knows do ur driving first buddy it may not be a prereq but it sure helps with work all the best
  11. M

    Stephen Gatley

    Sorry guys im normally the first to find these kind of jokes funny but its difficult when they are focussed on some one who really was not offensive in any way.
  12. M

    Volley of Shots Fired At Dissident Republican Funeral

    yes weapons all put beyond use? i also noticed a nice shining glock in the pictures!!!!!!!
  13. M

    Proof that the world is nuts!!!

    pherhaps but never ginger!!!!!!!!!!
  14. M

    Proof that the world is nuts!!!

    not all jocks are ginger im blonde this month
  15. M

    News From NI

    I think the death of senator Kennedy saw the last of the strong financial report coming from the states. But on a different note it was in one of the papers today that McGuinness had given a press release after visiting a hotel that had been bombed by his 'pals' stating as usual that he was not...
  16. M

    News From NI

    You all make very good points and some of you i know by reputation to be honest to goodness guys who genuinely want peace, the problem is we live in a culture that undermines this want. I was on the door on friday night and listened as the crowd cheered for rebel songs and clapped and danced the...
  17. M

    News From NI

    Once is all it takes for a family to have to endure endless suffering. Its a rocky time here in the province, tensions are running high, bitterness is once again very visible in different areas but no one seems to want to do anything. I hope im wrong and its not the begining of the end for a...
  18. M

    Elmo testing

    haha very good
  19. M

    PSNI officers train Libyan police

    I think the psni should find some one to train them. All due respect given to some individuals but on the whole the police force here is a joke!!!!!
  20. M

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!?

    Peter in the long run it is ypur own knowledge and skills that make your career. Granted knowing a few people in the right place my help get your first job, but after that it is you who has to prove the skills and knowledge that the contact helped you sell. Stick it out mate it's not easy and...
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