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    80mph Motorway speed limits .....

    I hit 260 KM/H in my Audi A6 quattro in Germany on the autobahn, and then the speed governor kicks in, I have a tuning chip installed and prob hitting just under 300 HP, anyone know of a chip mod to get rid of speed govner? I hear its in the transmission?? already spent 700 euros on the engine...
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    Newbie- How to become a skilled GP handler?

    Ok Thanks guys for clearing that up for me, I have heard of a couple of the other nicknames Annie mentioned but I dont think I heard of Taff before. :-)
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    Newbie- How to become a skilled GP handler?

    What the Hell is a ' Taff' ?? is that some kind of alien?
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    LOL....Wrong Forum......move along, please.
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    Wish list

    Roger that...........the post is titled 'wish list'.......so we will keep dreaming ;-)
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    Wish list

    The original question was what skill set would you like to see. Does that not mean a training standard? with dog handling its about training the Dog and Handler, not about how many pages you can fill a book with overcomplicated bullsh#t. In my opinion, I would like to see the standard for the...
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    Security Scandal at the Olympic Stadium

    So the truth finally comes out, about time and I am glad. I will even go so far to say that given the quality of 'most' (but not all) of the Dog teams there, you could stuff a VBIED up the teams ass and they still would not indicate on it. G4S is a piss poor company with the 'Shit' touch, as...
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    same old shit

    nothing has changed on this K9 forum....someone send me another ticket back to Afghanistan please....at least shit there makes sense........:rolleyes:
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    No real world experience can I still do HE?

    I have the complete James Bond collection on DVD, in my own mind I am a Legend, and everyone else is doing it wrong, I have finished Call of Duty on the hardest setting in record time, I sit on my fat ass and browse forums around the clock, and most of all my mother says one day I will do...
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    Knitting is a valuable skill..........I apologize then, It seemed they were directed at me, I think Napolean assumes they are directed at me.
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    wind your neck in....you have never proven yourself worthwhile.
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    its amazing that there are moderators who have nothing else to offer but mindless rhetoric.
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    almost as pathetic as sticking your nose where it doesnt belong
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    PussyHund...is that aimed at me? I hope thats your idea of a sense of humour? otherwise you dont want to start name calling here and acting like that after only 4 posts, new guy. You dont know me and I dont know who you are. If someone doesnt have the brains to find a simple web site after all...
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    Job - K-9 Handler/Force Protection - Kuwait

    I found it and applied, if u cant get that far then dont bother!! HA HA HA
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    To all contracters that pass though UAE

    • Body armour, including ballistic vests and military/police helmets. • Police or law enforcement paraphernalia, including; handcuffs, flexi-cuffs, night vision goggles, gun holsters, pepper spray etc. Just to be clear OR if anyone else had experience.....Plate...
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    Waffen S.S

    Ignorance must be bliss..huh mate:confused:
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    K-9 Positions

    Didnt see anything about dogs with them..?
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    G4s dog section now offical

    My opinion comes from having worked with G4S in the past. I think that even though there are very qualified people working as managers, the problem lies with the company and the higher ups that manage the capable managers. The managers have the best interests at heart, but unfortunately have...
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    G4s dog section now offical

    it´s more sensitive then the right one...:D
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