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    same old shit

    nothing has changed on this K9 forum....someone send me another ticket back to Afghanistan please....at least shit there makes sense........:rolleyes:
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    No real world experience can I still do HE?

    I have the complete James Bond collection on DVD, in my own mind I am a Legend, and everyone else is doing it wrong, I have finished Call of Duty on the hardest setting in record time, I sit on my fat ass and browse forums around the clock, and most of all my mother says one day I will do...
  3. D

    IIIa soft armour

    Is there anyone around KAF or Kabul, that is selling front and back soft armour IIIa that would fit a Warrior RICAS Compact? Thanks
  4. D

    Anybody here at KAF ?

    Hello Gents, Any Handlers or others here at KAF ? Interested in a coffee at the boardwalk for a meet and greet ?
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    Compass group

    Hi guys, has anyone heard of and have contact info for Compass group operating in Afghan, for Dog Handlers. I cant find anything on the web, just keep getting investment and catering groups. cheers
  6. D

    Blah Blah !

    blah blah blah...blah?:confused: blah!!:eek: blah blah blah, and blah.:D
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    DoD Clearance

    Hello Gentlemen, Just getting ahead of myself here , but I had a question regarding DoD clearance. Scenario: Brit citizen hired by an American company to work in Afghanistan. The company asks that the employee be able to pass DoD clearance. Was doing some reading about it and from what I...
  8. D

    Vigilant Canine Services International, LLC

    Vigilant Canine Services International, LLC Hello all, Just wondering if anybody has heard of, or worked for this company? Not looking to start a mud slinging party against them, just looking for some background info. Thanks
  9. D

    GP handler looking for work

    Anybody need a GP handler? Myself and my partner are SIA & BIPDT ticketed, 14 yrs dog experience with search experience, but I just have a GP dog right now, my new EDD dog wont be rdy for another 5-6 months. Was just working in France, but am looking for something in UK. High profile and...
  10. D

    24/7 Meeting

    Just wanted to say Thanks to 24/7 and Dus521. Had a chance to meet up with those two fine men a couple weeks ago while I was passing through their neck of the woods. Had a chance to share a beer....or 3 or 6 or, well I lost count, but at least I woke up in the right hotel room in the morning.:)...
  11. D

    Positive note SIA

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that I got my DS badge last week, without any screwups, unecessary delays and within a reasonable time period. Yes, I am talking about the SIA, after reading about all the horror stories, I was concerned, but I can honestly say I have nothing to complain about...
  12. D

    Question re: CP badge from DS badge

    Just a quick question, if one holds a current SIA Door Supervisors badge, has done the 150 hrs CP course, can one work straight away in a CP job while waiting for the licence upgrade? Would like to hear from anyone that has done this route. Cheers
  13. D

    Canine Emergency First Aid??

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows of, or recommends any courses for canine trauma training. I know of a couple places that have the basic first aid courses, ie: ur dog chocking on a piece of bone...etc, but Im looking for something a little more in depth and geared more towards hostile...
  14. D


    Just had to make a new post to represent my old unit - PWOR ( Princess of Wales own Regiment ) Canada The Princess of Wales Own Regiment Infantry Regiment I served with 1990 - 1994 :)
  15. D

    Dog Handler, Explosives Detection

    Hello fellow members, I would like to send best wishes to all, especially those in hostile environments. I would like to say that I am here looking for like minded persons and if any of the experienced guys had any information on how Dog Handling skills plays into the picture for this world...
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    DaemonHund Introduction on 15th July 2008

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. no Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Dog Handler, CP Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. information Q. Tell our members something about yourself? A. 4 yrs CDN Infantry...
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