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    FLIR to be available for many more mobile devices

    I mentioned this one after CES last year. This year they have increased compatibility to other smart phones and potentially dropped the price. FLIR's New Tiny Predator-Vision Thermal Camera Now Fits Any Device
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    Free copy of RAW image editing software

    Came across this on the HUKD site so all credit to the OP. Hopefully of some use to members on here. Niall Free DXO Optics Pro Elite V8 (or V9 for £119 or half price) - Hot UK Deals
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    Multiple number support on a single SIM in UK

    Have been looking for a dual SIM phone from a UK supplier and despite liking the new Moto G I'd hate to lose my current phone. Anyway I came across this UK based company that will potentially offer multiple number support on a single SIM card. I could be way behind the curve with this idea but...
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    Camcorders and spotting scopes

    Has anyone tried this? I have just purchased a spotting scope and a mount to secure my camcorder to the eye piece. The problem is I just can't get the focus to sync. I have gone to manual focus on the camcorder and set it so that the view just touches the extremes of the scopes field of view but...
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    Mont bell UL Jacket

    Can anyone recommend a supplier? Can't find one anywhere in the UK and I'm not going to stretch to the Mountain Hardware Ghost..
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    Ali express and Deal extreme

    Has anyone used these services? I'm aware that Ali are making big strides into the US and are more stringent with their ordering security etc. bit never bitten the bullet. I have seen a few trail cameras that I fancy and the prices appear a little 'too good' compared to UK suppliers. All help...
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    Personal Hygiene

    Ahhhh, a little bit of advice needed from the more esteemed colleagues for a serious, delicate and somewhat embarrassing situation. Nappy rash in this hot weather, can anyone provide a solution because I've tried everything. Talcum powder makes me look like I've got downstairs dandruff when...
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    For the DS people

    Not sure if posted before so delete if necessary. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=289363874575070&id=246334858877972
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    Salient lesson

    Having been on this forum for a while I can see that there are many that want to get involved in their various arenas, that the general opinion is that it's difficult and time consuming and once you get your foot in the door it's still a long slog. I was a little bit lasse faire because I was in...
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    Can anyone recommend a good pair of gloves. Looking for something that offers the sensitivity of the nomex? Flight gloves but needs to be bramble/hawthorn resistant. These requirements might be mutually exclusive but any advice appreciated. Niall
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    Plasti dip

    Was looking for something to coat mettle/plastic and came across this.... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BL8UFAoqx-I Apologies for the content but this appears to be quite legitimate. Has anyone got any experiences with their products?
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    Has anyone got any experience with some of these new lightweight drones? I know I have talked about their usage before but have not heard of others experiences. Specifically I'm looking at something that can be unpacked, deployed and retrieved within about 15 minutes or so to check for materials...
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    Spray paints for rucksack

    Can anyone give advice regarding spray paints that can be used to on cordura rucksacks. I have got a wisport rucksack in tan and want to make it a little less bright. Had a look online and realise that I can't dye etc. but some advice on spray paints indicate that hobby paint sprays and...
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    Forensic IT recommendation S East

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good forensic IT company/person based in the South east that is a confident, experienced professional witness. Received an enquiry regarding this requirement and the person I use is away on sabbatical. Happy to pass your details straight over to the potential...
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    An interesting Whatsapp alternative

    With the popular Whatsapp going down after it's Facebook acquisition a few other alternatives started to hit the limelight. This might be of interest to a few members as it offers a few extras and snapchat like message destruction. Of course it's only as good as the amount of your contacts...
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    Spotting scope

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonable spotting scope? I have this one saved due to it receiving good reviews on the astronomy forums. Maksutov zoom spotting scope 38 - 114 x70, TSVoyager2 | eBay As you can see, my price range is limited and whilst I'm aware of 'you get what you...
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    15000 mAmp backup battery

    Sorry customloads, last one I promise. Massive backup battery for phones, tablets and potentially camcorders. Just got my hands on one, doing a quick top up charge before I test with the great Mobius action cam rhea recommended. Not sure about Amazons 'how much you saved' bit but >£26...
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    $5 Billion camouflage Snafu

    I had an inkling that designing camouflage patterns is difficult but not to this extent. Might not be news to some of you but an interesting article nonetheless... The History of Invisibility and the Future of Camouflage Whilst it's an American site and proud of its nationality I'm sure...
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    Extended life battery (mostly for samsung android)

    Just a heads up about these batteries. Seriously long standby but limited to a few models of phone, still, hopefully useful to some. Adds some considerable bulk and TBH the case can have a negative impact on button usability but has been useful. ZeroLemon UK - The World's Largest Capacity...
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    The importance of personal hygiene

    I came across this advice a while ago but think it might be pertinent to the male members of the group. Apologies ladies but I firmly believe that as the stronger sex, this is not an issue. Amazon.co.uk: Customer Reviews: Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200 ml I know it's been posted...
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