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    Hospital Survey Template

    Alan Thanks very much, thats great Much Appreciated A
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    Hospital Survey Template

    Gents Has anyone got a Hospital Survey template. Found some old links on here to some but they don't seem to work any more. Any help much appreciated A
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    BTEC Level 4 HECPO

    Have to agree with the guys , I see little value to any ex soldier. This is bread and butter training for infantry regiments and even most Corps now. Having done a bit of research on the company I find alot of the info on the website quite amusing. There head shed love to portray and air of...
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    Guys Just a quick one. If I understand this correctly "in house" security teams are only allowed to operate without an SIA license when on company or private property, not when they are out in the public domain i.e. on the street. Any input on this would be welcomed Cheers Alex
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    CP Powerpoints

    Guys has any one got any CP training powerpoints just been thrown in the deep end on my new job to show the bosses just what is needed to get our blokes up to speed and how much its going to cost them Cheers PM and I will drop u an email address A
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    Walters named and shamed?

    Don't dis the convoy boys they saw more action than most PSD teams and it took alot of balls to do convoys in the early days. Plus alot of the convoy boys came across to PSD and were very good.
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    blackberry ........ safe or not

    I know of a nice little sms hack which works very well, but on a brighter note blackberry's are safer than iphones and most other of the new gen phones. pay as u go is a safer option but nothing is bulletproof its easy having people on the inside in the mobile companies. personally I use a phone...
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    US accused of occupying Haiti.

    but u have to think nice place for a FOB for Venuzula
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    Info on Haiti

    Guys don't want to upset you however. Jobs posted here for NEKASG and Radion Tactics are for US citizens. So please don't fill up their email accounts with applications if your not a US citizen. I spoke to both companies on the phone.
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    Body scanners risk right to privacy, says UK watchdog

    Getting the right people comes down to one thing PAY. Good people don't work for peanuts
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    Body scanners risk right to privacy, says UK watchdog

    Great idea should be implemented worldwide. Nothing hidden nothing to worry about and besides u can't see ur tackle unless u have a piercing in it.
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    SOC Contract

    eyesnears Great post thanks for sharing your experiences
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    Finaly got to US

    Glad u got sorted mate. Try G4S Wackenhut mate not what u might want but certainly work to get u going Take Care will be over soon so will give u a shout
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    Radical Muslims to march on Wootton Bassett

    This is why I don't live in the UK anymore. The Government if they had the balls would arrest the lot of them that march and deport them back to the wonderful countries they ran away from. Race Wars in the UK in the next 5 years. Where's the Pope when u need him .......... Crusades !!!
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    Foreign company operate in UK?

    I think the biggest problem is getting the various insurance policies which you will need. As even if your staff are self employed you as a company still need to be covered and I don't think your Swedish insurance will cover you for contracts in the UK. I could be wrong. But I would check that...
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    How would you classify the HK 417??

    The 417 and the SVD are both excellent weapons, but what makes a weapon system great is not the build but the user. The SVD is a tried and tested system but as the 417 comes more into circulation I think after using the 417 myself many of the SVD faithful will move over.
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    One immigrant every minute

    You can't knock most of the eastern europeans bloody hard working folk especially the poles, who u can knock though is those that cross the Med to get here and those who come from where most of us work. As for Britianstan we already have Bradistan ( Bradford ) I have no problem with immigrants...
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    CPO Team For Future Possible Assignments

    Then mate go out and do a proper course there is only a few training providers that I trust in the UK and I look at where people have done their training as do 98% of most other companies do now. You have to understand a 4 week course is the absolute min in my book, my course done in the US was...
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    CPO Team For Future Possible Assignments

    CP training in 13 days no wonder there's so many knobs out there
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    Here's one...any ideas?

    Try Civpol if u were a firearms officer
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