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    Happy New Years Eve

    Haven't been on here in a while. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Years. If your working tonight on the doors etc, stay safe. And to the boys n girls working abroad, keep your heads down and stay safe. Hopefully see everyone at the annual meet up in London 2013. Bill.
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    Worn tyres notice

    How do all.hope everyone is well this bank holiday weekend. I was just pulled over by the police for going abit over the speed limit and it was noted that my two front tyres were worn well below minimum 1.6mm tread. I was told because there were two tyres involved I would have to go to...
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    EU Mission to Georgia

    I thought this may interest some of our lot. http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/working-for-us/vacancies/eumm-georgia
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    Whats the current and future craic for the SIA

    Sorry I havent posted in a while chaps and chapettes, been movin' house from one end of town to the other and along the way managed to bin, burn, blow up, lose and dismantle just about everything I own. Anyways, I havent been keeping my ear to the ground like normal but I have heard rumours...
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    To self employ or not to self employ...that is the question

    Hi Guys, some of you may know who I am, some of you may not, and my appologies if previous threads have already been written on the subject, I couldnt find any, but you never know. Anyway, I am about to finish my Degree and attending a Surveillance course 2 days afterwards. I own S.I.A...
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    CTR Surveillance Course 12/05/10

    I am attending the formentioned surveillance course on the 12th May, wondering if anyone on the forum is attending the same course as I? Stay safe Bill
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    Real IRA admits Northern Ireland MI5 base car bomb

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8614723.stm The Real IRA has admitted it was behind a car bomb which exploded outside the army base which houses MI5's Northern Ireland headquarters. The blast came on the day that David Ford was elected as NI's Justice Minister, the first local...
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    Outdoor Exhibition NEC Birmingham

    Wondering if anyone here will be going to the Outdoor Exhibition in Birmingham this year. I think its a great way to get a better idea of new equipment thats coming to the market and also chatting to alot of exhibition companies about potential work taking groups abroad e.t.c. I will be...
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    Not sure if this is the right place for asking such questions (MOD's please strike me down if it isnt) I may be subject to Developed Vetting for future work and I was looking at an example form online and it mentioned bank details. Being a student still I have had problems in the past...
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    Advertising Training

    Alright Guys. I was wondering what ideas or techniques people/companies used when advertising SIA licenced Security Courses. Static, DS, CP e.t.c? Especially advertising training to younger people...individuals finishing school/college/university? Any inputs either publicly or PM'd to me will...
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    Hamptons Training LTD- Anyone have any knowledge about them

    Hi Guys, Got a call from a friend wanting to break into the security industry and said he's been looking at Hamptons Training LTD. I personally havent heard of them but looking at the website it looks pretty legitimate. Anyone with any extra information can either pm me or post on this...
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    Accidentally Stabbed Footballer

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8338089.stm I dont understand, we seem to have created such a hole with political correctness that a young man can plead guilty to man slaughter for accidentally stabbing another young man after waving a blade infront of his face. In my opinion...
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    Right Gents, and ladies, I'm going to have a small rant at some DS I know personally

    I will not name names. I started in the security game through my University SU asking if I wanted to work as a DS because I was a tasty big prop in the rugby team. I accepted, along with a very good, professionally minded friend of mine. Thats right, I may sound like a 40 year old man but I am...
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    Its not broken...hurrah

    I know it doesnt mean all that much to everyone, but I had quite a bad climbing fall in the Lake District last week and after a week of popping codeine and anti-biotics and having a leg swollen like a tree trunk I finally got an x-ray and it confirms nothings broken. Its been over a week now...
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    bill1188 Introduction on 04th February 2009

    Q. Do you represent a company? A.No Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A.DS/CP/Surveillance Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A.Advice/Guidance/Contacts Q. Tell our members something about yourself? A. I am not completely mad, not yet anyways. Q...
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    Hi Guys, hope everyone is fit and well. I have recently recieved my CP licence, and half way through a degree (yes, i know, a much hated student!:p) in Outdoor Leadership. I want to break into the Surveillance world, and I have come to a conclusion that a good way to go about it is through the...
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    Hi Guys, hope everyone is fit and well. I have recently recieved my CP licence, and half way through a degree (yes, i know, a much hated student!:p) in Outdoor Leadership. I want to break into the Surveillance world, and I have come to a conclusion that a good way to go about it is through the...
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    Christmas Holz

    Good evening all, hope everyone is well. After holding on to my DS licence for 8 months, and finally getting my CP licence after what seems like a small life time, I was wondering if people out there on the forum could recommend any companies that provide DS or CP guys for London clubs/ big...
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    Any input would be appreciated

    Good evening all, I am 19 years young, currently studying a degree in outdoor leadership in the north, to eventually become a long haul expedition leader. However, the work is pretty on and off, so I decided to do a CP course. CTR were doing a discounted course, so I did it with them and am...
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