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    Happy New Years Eve

    Haven't been on here in a while. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Years. If your working tonight on the doors etc, stay safe. And to the boys n girls working abroad, keep your heads down and stay safe. Hopefully see everyone at the annual meet up in London 2013. Bill.
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    The Chavs Prayer

    truely inspiring
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    Worn tyres notice

    The idea that a Cumbrian has a name like Tarquin astounds me, it really does. Aye, were detached from reality cos most of us can still drive a horse n cart.
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    Creation of global network

    You've found what your looking for here mate. Welcome and enjoy the forum! Bill
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    Worn tyres notice

    I have no idea CM...I'm from Cumbria, things are simpler up there. Aye, I had to sign something after answering some questions. Well.....I've truely learned my lesson today....get rid of the white van, instantly suspicious.... Thanks for the input everyone. Bill
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    Worn tyres notice

    How do all.hope everyone is well this bank holiday weekend. I was just pulled over by the police for going abit over the speed limit and it was noted that my two front tyres were worn well below minimum 1.6mm tread. I was told because there were two tyres involved I would have to go to...
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    Wait wait wait. I'm confused. Despite the over-whelming machismo that is our respected professions, I thought this forum was more of a tea and battenburg cake reciepe tool. How wrong have I been???? Muppet SLAP!
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    great networking event!!

    The CPW team pulled off a spectacular event once again. Was good to see both the old and bold and the fresh faces to the forum and the industry all getting along and networking. End of the day thats what its all about. Just a shame I wasnt there sooner. Bill1188
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    PAYPAL now closed. Tickets available on the door for the CP World networking event

    thats true Bubba. I wont be there myself until 6:30 tonight. Working. We have a good history together, forged by mild to severe threats and insults. Its a love hate thing.
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    PAYPAL now closed. Tickets available on the door for the CP World networking event

    Ooooohhhhh Anniiiiiiieeeee. The wooki is coming to seee you tonight! YAY
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    What a 19 year old is thinking

    I've beaten you there. I was DS licence at 18 and a half years old, cp licence a year later at 19 and a half. Mate, I'll be honest, I'm 22 now, I have a nice, relatively 'cushy' job working for an investment management consultancy firm. I do abit of VIP door work/CP work on the weekends for...
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    **Fri 8th April 2011 - CPW Security and networking conference**

    MedicGirl, I've been told by the Police that I am no longer allowed near women anymore..... I am not gentle :p
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    **Fri 8th April 2011 - CPW Security and networking conference**

    Oh God it's coming round again. I've barely recovered from the last one....something about a strip club at 5 in the morning with a couple of Jocks, a Welshman, and a couple of Dutch-masters. It took 3 days to regain full and proper vision! Oh, and the event through the day was excellent...
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    EU Mission to Georgia

    Its come to my attention that some people require a username and password to access this link. It is found very easily by going onto the fco website and looking at current vacancies. Good luck hunting Bill
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    EU Mission to Georgia

    I thought this may interest some of our lot. http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/working-for-us/vacancies/eumm-georgia
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    Whats the current and future craic for the SIA

    Well it all sounds like were about to start makin' our pockets alot deeper....and the money were pulling in will go nowhere except probably down further. Oh what a joyous time to be in the security industry :D
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    Whats the current and future craic for the SIA

    Sorry I havent posted in a while chaps and chapettes, been movin' house from one end of town to the other and along the way managed to bin, burn, blow up, lose and dismantle just about everything I own. Anyways, I havent been keeping my ear to the ground like normal but I have heard rumours...
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    New starters advice....

    wish i had this forum when i started the doors. My first night on the doors was in one of the dodgiest bars in probably the North of England. It felt like 95% of the training went out the window, but as a new lad with unrefined/unpracticed skills...all you can do in my opinion is muck in with...
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    "Do you f*cking want some?"

    Me too. I wanna know....may his blood sustain us all.....its a warm summer in cumbria, and its driven me mad...i miss the knee deep snow.
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    Disgusting!: Motorist clamped as she did a U-turn in a car park

    Nash, absolutely not, a woman with two kids I think, although disgusted by the situation would rise above it. But if I were there...well....despite the fine, I would take some good feeling away from hurting these cowboys. Morky, if the mighty gods of the private security professionals favour...
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