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    Dear Sir/madam, I have read your post and your company interests me,I am a qualified CPO and...

    Dear Sir/madam, I have read your post and your company interests me,I am a qualified CPO and former Royal Marine, with experience working with high net worth individuals, celebrities, politicians, foreign diplomats and sportsmen/women. I am currently working as part if a Residential Security...
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    Are we under appreciated as matloes

    Hi Harry, yours is a good question and I dont think there is a definitive answer. Alot of it depends on the employer and their attitude towards RN personnel, I'm ex royal and have just started sending my CV out to marsec companies in the last few weeks, I've had good response so far and all...
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    Enhanced learning credits

    Hi mate, it depends on how long you served, I did 7 years so Im entitled to £1000 per year, (you can use it up to 3 seperate times), you have to stump up 20% of the course fees yourself and the training provider needs to be on the list of approved providers. All info needed can be found on the...
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    Old and new Oppo's

    Hi guys, Im a sprog compared to most of you old sweats out there, I joined and passed out with 813 troop(2001) and left in 2008 after cracking a N.Ireland and an Iraq with a couple of Norways and a short stint in Brunei inbetween. Ive been outside for nearly 3 years now and am interested in...
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    Ex bootneck needs info

    Thanks saward, i'll check out the website you suggested.
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    Ex bootneck needs info

    Hi Nick, thanks for the reply, i'll have a look at that website and i'll ring you when I get a chance aswell, i welcome any advice and info you've got.
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    Ex bootneck needs info

    Hi Manxmerc, any info you've got would be appreciated. Ive looked at the SSO courses, some people say you need to do it as a minimum, others say you dont need it at all. help?
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    Ex bootneck needs info

    Hi guys, Im an ex royal marine, Ive been a civvy for nearly 3 years now and Ive done a range of jobs since I left the Corps. For the last 6 months Ive been doing alot of door work and event security, Ive been looking into getting into maritime security but am struggling to find any lists of...
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