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    Skydiver Felix Baumgartner set to break sound barrier

    I know a place in the states where u can do it , drop me a pm if you are interesssted
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    Over seas training and employment with SF

    come on i would love to break some fundamentalist islamic pricks erm bricks:-) Roumanian special forces i belive i posted that very same s...... about two years ago . S,,, is like a boomerang !!!! now i really missed CPW
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    Skydiver Felix Baumgartner set to break sound barrier

    did a few jumps with him a couple of years ago . Felix is an excellent guy always funny and really knows his stuff. They'll try it on thursday again and that time i hope its gona work out , he was working so hard for it he really deserved some nice weather !!!!
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    Best sim card?

    try vectone it was always working for me and its very cheap
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    HART - HAWKI Close Protection Course

    How much is the course? Does this course enhance chances to gain employment with hart? We all know hart from HE operations but is Hart a recocnised training provider? Thanks
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    Risks Inc.

    Yeah they are running courses in eastern europe . but what is much more off interest to me is if they are a recognised training provider for companys out there. If i look at the response to this thread i guess not lol
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    Risks Inc.

    Anyone ever dealt with risks inc ?
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    Waffenbruder Intro

    Servas grias di
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    Recruiting for security positions in UAE

    Are there any specification about the position?
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    Recruiting for security positions in UAE

    slowly but surely we get the group going . thanks to all brothers in arms, lets keep it that way
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    Risks Inc.

    Eh troops A few days back i got a mail from Risks Inc. proposing courses. Are they in any way recocnised and how is their set up? Has anybody first hand expirince with them? Cheers
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    Recruiting for security positions in UAE

    Thanks for the head up mate That is exactely what our FFL group should be about!!!!
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    thanks a lot fellas known unsolved problems hearing at the senat , and they are still on this contract?! Aren't there any other coys out there trying to get on that contract?
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    Applying for vacanices

    I always loved this subject! Makes me remember my first few posts , laughin my ass off when i read them now! Never getting tired off reading them
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    Psd Jobs Aegis

    So glad to see that nothing has changed haha
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    Cheers para are they still on this contract? At this time i heard that the yanks are looking for another coy to take over the contract, anything moved in that direction? thanks in advance
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    Hi Folks It has been almost ages ago i actively posted something but now im back with a question. In the past i always heard some talking about i think it was armor group on an embassy gig with a lot of troubles. Could somebody tell me please what country that was in and what embassy they where...
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