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    OLC Position in Algeria

    Have heard that there is a Liaison/security position for a oil and gas company in Algeria. position is 3 weeks on/off. Military background, overseas previous work, degree in security a plus and hse quals useful. Please send emails and CV's to Petroplan which is an industry recruitement...
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    Info - Job offer

    Guys...this came my way....worth checking out I think. Minimal Risk currently have a requirement for 8 -10 Project Managers to work in rotation on a Seismic Survey Security Team Task in North Kurdistan. For more information please check Job Ref 350 on the Minimal Risk web site. If you are...
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    First of all my name is Russ. I spent 11 years in the Royal Marines with 5 years in a Commando Recce Unit. Some time of that I spent in NI on the surveillance side. Since I left the Corps I became a commercial diver for a while, but then got a job on the Al Fayed CP team. I left in 95 to help...
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