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    Rig security in Algeria..lowest rate is on £365 a day...only works 4 and 4. A loss less stress and risk I think..
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    OLC Position in Algeria

    Have heard that there is a Liaison/security position for a oil and gas company in Algeria. position is 3 weeks on/off. Military background, overseas previous work, degree in security a plus and hse quals useful. Please send emails and CV's to Petroplan which is an industry recruitement...
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    Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

    So if this course [SyI Dip in security management] is a level 5 and goes towards the Bsc. Apart from access to the Security Institute is it not better to do the Bsc. I presume you can still join the Security Institute with a Bsc or do you have to do the SyI Dip with them.
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    Security and Risk Management MSc Leicester March 2011

    Guys...thanks for all the replies. I completed my FDSRM a few years ago and am now looking at the Msc. I was wondering how much difference there was in the essay standards from the two courses. I was lucky when I started the FD as someone kindly sent me an essay from his FD, this gave me a great...
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    Hey Royal trying to reply but the site will not let me. Try this link to a job offer in Kuwait...

    Hey Royal trying to reply but the site will not let me. Try this link to a job offer in Kuwait. Russ Vacancy for Operations Room Manager (Kuwait) in New Year A vacancy in the New Year will be made for the position of Operations Room Manager with Kuwait's Coastal Protection Force...
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    I thought you were long time retired and had given up spying on poor innocent benefit...

    I thought you were long time retired and had given up spying on poor innocent benefit cheats....nearly 50 mate...time to hang up the Nikon?
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    Algeria Security Information

    John I have working in Algeria for 16 years and work closely with the medic side of things. Drop me a line if there is anything you are not certain about or if the company you will be working with has suficient security cover.
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    Royal Marines and surveillance???

    Gurka block...nearly as famous as Tampax towers in HMS Drake
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    Special Forces author found dead!

    We care...you cannot go around saying you are part of a group when you are clearly not...especially putting it down in ink. Still it is a shame and shouldn't happen to anybody that young.
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    I suggest you spend a few hours online and search on google. The differences between the two organisations are huge and you really do not want to get it wrong if you intend to join up. Just look at the training period, History on operations, whats involved and what you are likely to do when and...
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    Sbs (r)

    At last some good and honest advice..give it a go...you never know what doors could open!
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    x service

    Count me as one...err because I left
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    Training providers

    This is there other site www.xplorability.com
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    Training providers

    We use this company in Algeria http://www.daletrax.co.uk/ paul has been here many times and has taken off road, desert and defensive driver training. Over the years he has trained many of our expats and local drivers. I am the security Operations manager for a largeOil and Gas project in the...
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    RAF Regiment

    Excellent history thanks...never did understand why the Rockape came from...Now I can see why no runways have ever been stolen since then....standby!!! Worked with a rockape on the Fayed sec team in early 90's good lad, heavy into his martial arts...always wondered where he went.
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    Has Anyone trained with Ex Med?

    I have been to Exmed three times for refresher training. Ged and the team have a great setup and you learn way more than other courses. Without a doubt their courses are the best around...back there in June for another one...if they could just sort out the squeaky floorboards in the Green Dragon!!!
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    Latest Nigerian Scammer!! please read and wind this guy up!!!

    Send his details to http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/links.html they will knoiw how to deal with this....
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    Harrods Sold

    He will still be paranoid and probably keep some of the main house team on...best part of the job was going round the shop while he insulted every group possible and had many thrown out. He is still obnoxious creature though! Mind you his daughter is looking now!
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    FdSc-Foundation Degree in SRM

    I completed the FDSRM a few years ago and thought it was very good. Some minor glitches were resolved concerning the original CD's etc. Great way to get back into the academic route if you have been out for a while like me. MSC looks great but crikey the cost for one and amount of work. I am...
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    "LinkedIn" - Anyone Use It

    I have been on Linkedin since it started and find it very useful . I have been contacted sveral times though Linkedin for advice and information concerning my area of expertise and over the past few years have been offered plenty of work which I have forwarded onto colleagues. Like most sites of...
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