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    Act of Valor (Movie) - Real ACTIVE NAVY SEALS using LIVE AMMO

    Ok, it might be all hype and a lot of hooraa but this will be like no other movie that’s been around for awhile. The people who are cast as navy seals ARE ACTIVE NAVY SEALS. In an interview on FOX the directors said that the SEALS used "Live Rounds" in the movie and that there was no...
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    Olympic Specific Forum?

    With the Olympics fast approaching and the need to source accurate and reliable information about security and event matters, would a dedicated Olympic Games Forum be helpful? Keeping in mind that it will be open source material, a single point to exchange information may still help some out...
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    President Barack Obama's Secret security booklet in gutter

    Found this today, unfortunate example of poor security by so called professionals. ------------------------------------ The Age Newspaper Melbourne, Victoria November 18, 2011 Secret security booklet in gutter The misplaced program. DYLAN WELCH A CLASSIFIED booklet containing...
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    Avsec Level 3 Course

    Hi all, I’m looking at doing an Avsec Level 3 course, any suggestions. I'd like to know of any good providers out there that you’ve come across and anyone I should stay away from. I already know of a couple but would like to get some other feedback. Thanks. O.
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    Paid Membership Forums

    Hi All, Just wanted to drop a bit of a gripe here about some job vacancy's that appear in this section. I've been on the forum for about a year and strongly support CPW in what it provides to members. The industry information, exchange of ideas, jobs, equipment and advice. I've asked for...
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    Lord Mountbattens BG news story

    Hi All, The below article appeared on the Sligo Champion news website and is about Lord Mountbattens' BG and the security around him. ---------------------- Lord Mountbatten security was 'farcical' says retired bodyguard. By JIM GRAY Wednesday August 19 2009 The detective who was Lord...
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    E-Petitions - recognitize Private Security Contractors

    Hi All, Found this on the web and thought it might be of interest to some of you. It’s an E-Petition to the Prime Minister to create an award to recognise the work of Private Security Contractors; Thanks, Oyster. E-Petitions - Create an award to recognise the work of Private Security...
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    UN Certification in firearms

    Hi All, Has anyone come across a UN Certification in firearms before? I’m assuming its some sort of accreditation with an approved provider however can’t find what it involves and how to get the qualification. Has anyone gained the certificate, if so with whom and has it been worth it...
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    Ex lp arty sig - hecpo qualified

    Hi All, I completed my Longmoor HECPO course in the May and I’m keen to secure any CP opportunities overseas. I’m ex Australian Army with a valid UK Ancestry Visa, and may be eligible for a US E3 Work Visa however I’m still confirming this with the US Immigration Dept. My military...
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    Work in Afgan / Iraq – Advantage or disadvantage.

    Hi all, Just wanted to put this one out there for those more experienced in CP. In the current climate from the professional side (not skills side), is it an advantage or disadvantage to have worked in Afghanistan, Iraq or even Pakistan to gain further CP work. What has been your experience...
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    oyster09 Introduction on 19th June 2009

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Close protection / PSD Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. To keep up to date with industry topics and employment opportunities Q...
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