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    It's official!

    Securitas Flies High With Ground-Breaking Certification - Securitas
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    Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs)

    So, it's official. Our Department for Transport has finally fallen into line with EU Regs and authorised the use of explo detection dogs to screen aviation cargo. This means we'll have the first fully licensed HMG none emergency services dogs working in the UK. Great news I hear you say, well...
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    Early training

    Start them early! And this little girl isn't the best in the litter by far. And before anyone says it, yes I talk too much! Early playtime with retrieve - YouTube
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    Swedish Narc Training

    Drug detection dogs. Sweden. - YouTube Thoughts?
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    Uk leads

    Anyone going to the UK LEADS seminar and those who have been before, do you see any value in it?
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    Changes to the DDA

    What are people's thoughts about the new wording in the DDA?
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    K9 Warrior Tops

    Thought folks might like these. I have no association or affiliation to the company or any of K9 WARRIOR - LIMITED EDITION | Teespring
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    SF Dog?

    BBC News - Afghan Taliban 'capture US military dog'
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    3D Skeletal Views

    Just thought this was a cheeky little tool for those who like to look a little deeper. Dog 3D Bone Set
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    Finally sat still long enough........

    Off to her new home on Saturday. Only 2 more to go.
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    Vehicle crate - which one?

    Advice from the masses please, every vehicle I've ever used for dog work has been company supplied and apart from the usual grumblings of scrubbing out the nooks and crannies, they've always been fit for purpose and I've never had any real complaints. However, I'm about to spend my own dollar...
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    Dog Handler Vacancy

    A local business is looking for a handler to join his operation. Based in Northampton the job is for a dog handler/area response vehicle. Dog and vehicle provided. Rate is circa £7.50ph but I've not been given the weekly hours. Drop me a line if you're interested and I'll point you in the...
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    NASDU Trials

    Any news from the parishes?
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    Anyone going along or competing tomorrow?
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    Great employment opportunity

    MAG | Vacancies at MAG > MAG vacancy: Technical Field Manager (MDD) - Iraq
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    Scottish Dog Companies

    Looking for a Scottish dog company to become a service partner. GP & Passive DD. ACS preferred but not absolute. Must be happy work to contract. Please PM for more info if you feel you are, or know of a suitable organisation.
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    Free Black Lab Dog

    Looking to rehome a 5 year old black Lab dog. He's passive DD trained but he's not had proper CT for the best part of a year (personal circumstances of the previous owner that I can vouch for). He's had the odd day here and there on military kit but not enough to pass him on as a superstar...
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    Paying for training?

    I heard last week that a security company was deducting from handlers wages a % called "training costs". Am I seriously that out of kilter or deluded to think that the company should bear these costs and not the employees?
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    Self Employed Dog Handlers

    Why are most of the dog handlers in the UK self employed? Why do companies feel the need not to contract handlers? What is the biggest bug bear of handlers? (Not being looked after, costs, training etc) And what is your biggest ongoing cost after your vehicle? To put this into context...
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    Lone Worker Alarms

    What do you fine bunch of professionals think of lone worker alarms for handlers? A should have or nice to have?
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