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    It's official!

    Securitas Flies High With Ground-Breaking Certification - Securitas
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    I've always advocated missing a day of feeding whenever the dogs seem off for any reason. Might just be the overfeeding you've identified.
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    drug and explosive search dog

    Coll, helping people is exactly what we try and do. We help people see through the heaps of BS and get down to the granular detail. Anyone can sell "a good dog" or be an Internet expert, so when someone makes a claim on here, semantics do matter. It's the difference between a misguided quote and...
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    Diesel the hero

    Love it SCT.
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    drug and explosive search dog

    I'm pretty sure SCT understands the difference, but it's kind of difficult to associate the 2 with no evidence. And if you're going to make claims that may effect people's lives, evidence is a must.
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    Airside pass

    Most airports publish their permit regulations on line. My airport, whilst fastidious in detail, will issue airside passes to those with previous convictions. However, the convictions that fall into the 'permitted' category differ for your CRC, CTC and individual airport, which must all be...
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    Diesel the hero

    Always reluctant to call a dog a hero. However, hate seeing animals harmed especially in the line of duty. Sad day but died doing the best job in the world, defending the innocent against scum.
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    Detection Rats

    And rats..... A Day in the Life of a HeroRAT-in-Training - YouTube
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    Detection Rats

    They use bees trained to detect target odours combined with sucrose to create a proboscis extension reflex (PER). Then a high magnification camera is used to detect how many bees PER, thus indicating the presence of X target odour. Honey bee proboscis extension reflex (measuring sucrose...
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    Detection Rats

    They've been used for years, same as bees.
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    Airside pass

    Did this ever go any further?
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    Dogs required scent discrimination research.

    Drop me a line mate, this might be something of interest and get me back in the right arena.
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    Advice please

    I wouldn't be sleeping out with him, you'd be giving him a comfort blanket that isn't consistent. Next time it hails he'll be wound up AND looking for you - double whammy stress! Insulate the roof for starters, and try using a small radio from time to time. Dogs are easily distracted and the...
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    Lead pulling

    No no no no! And that's from someone who was brought up on check chains. There's absolutely no need for them with the minor issue you're encountering. Change of direction training in your garden, when the dogs starts to pull, you change direction to the point your dog starts to second guess...
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    Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

    Great thread folks, I'm starting mine in May so the info passed so far will be invaluable. Looking forward to the challenge.
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    Working Gundogs

    Mr Deighton at G4S. He breeds and trains for the Lords of the manor.
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    Attack Dogs

    If only they were well trained though Howard. JOKE!!!!!
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    Help with my dog?

    OK, firstly, it's Malinois or Belgium Shepherd. There's no German Malinois, or French Malinois, it's not difficult. As for all proper security dogs should be trained from pups, that's just totally inaccurate. Decades of military and police have proved that point. Training from a pup only...
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    Scent decoys

    To be fair, that does sound like a laymans ideal of working dogs. I've never taught a dog to use its sense of smell, I've taught dogs how to earn a reward.
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    Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs)

    Surrey police will be hosting the 4 day handler theory assessment, Dstl will be doing th rest.
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