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    Return of the hippy

    Well, polish those brogues, as I'm back! I used to be a regular contributer to the forum, but have been away for a couple of years (and indeed out of the industry) due to some issues in my private life. However, it is all behind me now and its time to return to the melee! And by the by...
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    Soldiers banned from pub

    Soldiers attending funeral of Afghanistan hero banned from bar 'because of military uniform' | Mail Online Words fail me! ** Sign the Petition! http://www.petition.co.uk/door_staff_at_phatz_in_maidenhead_berkshire_refused_to_lift_a_no_uniforms_policy *** PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THE PETITION...
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    Dont do favours!

    At my age you would think I know better... Story goes, with no names etc attached; A few days ago an old friend asked for a bit of help. He is the Head of Business Protection for a large retail chain. His company are due to have a number of personal appearances by a minor 'celeb' to...
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    Military Background

    A few (many??) threads on here ask much the same question in regard to a mil or police background being necessary for a career in cp... Now, playing Devils Advocate, considering the small numbers of people considered suitable for such a role in these organisations, what does it matter if the...
  5. H

    Elderly Principal

    Ok... A few attempts at discussion have fallen by the wayside lately, so I'm going to try and open one in the hope we can all be polite to each other, whilst airing varying opinion... I have recently retired from a position where I was resonsible, amoung other things, for ensuring the...
  6. H

    Well done to the dog fondlers

    I would just like to thank all you doggy types for keeping your, er, new kennel so clean... Unlike many of the areas (arena's may be a better discription) us 'mods' have scarcely had to step in and deal with 'handbags at 10 paces' in your forum at all! Well done and thank you all for your...
  7. H


    For ****s sake.... I've just been quoted £2,999 for the tour... Thats crazy money...
  8. H

    Burgled damn your eyes!

    No not me personally! But I'm just back from a site where we have a large investigation (whole investigations team on site) in full swing.. This morning the cashier rang to inform me that there was £25,000 missing from the safe! What a cluster! No break in, CCTV switched off, alarm deactivated...
  9. H

    Working for a living..

    Its a disgrace I tell you! I've had a last minute drop out on team taking dep chair away and am having to take up the slack myself... So, I'll have to dust down the earpiece and try and remind myself not to wander off on the p#ss in the evening!! But I'm mostly annoyed about the chap who had...
  10. H

    Radio Supplier

    Does anyone know of a good supplier of two way radios? My current supplier is now firmly in my bad books and, if I can find a good alternative, is going to have all his stock, including 6 way chargers shoved firmly up his a##e......
  11. H

    Working at the weekend...

    Oh my God... The utter shock!!! I'm not sure if my system can take it.... All my own fault in a way... The Groups 'Disaster Recovery' programme kicked in at 4am today... Designed by me (with interference from the Geek squad) And guess who is top of the call out list? Thats right... Muggins...
  12. H

    Massimino is on a role!

    What a star! I'd like to thank mass for the amount of positions he finds out there and shares with the guys on here! With employment being in the sad state it is this sort of input is seriously needed! Well done Mass! Keep it up!
  13. H

    Covert stab vests..

    Ok, I need to replace a number of the chaps on the teams vests.... So, any suggestions for a good, lightweight (summer is approaching apparently) number? Also I now have a 'lumpy jumper' to kit out, so a company that caters for the female form would be good... I have already suggested...
  14. H

    Police Commuinity Support Officers

    Just had a meeting with a Div commander (Superintendant) and a sector commander (Inspector) regarding... During the meeting I may have been less than complimentary to PCSO's... However when the Inspector admitted that many Police Officers called PCSO's 'chimps' I was somewhat taken aback...
  15. H

    Information Technology Security

    Ok, all sit down, Hippy is going to try and be serious.... My group employes a small IT team (the geek squad as I like to call 'em) however I am convinced and have nearly convinced the dep chair that I need an IT security type in my dept.... If only to geek the geeks... Oh and fix my pc...
  16. H

    Good & bad about your position?

    I sit here at my desk, reading a personnel file and an investigation file preparing myself to chair an appeal hearing. Not a very nice process. (The hearing not reading the files) This got me to thinking what parts of my job do I enjoy and what are less fun... or what is good and bad about my...
  17. H

    Hong Kong

    Off on a business trip tomorrow to Hong Kong.. I haven't been for some time... Can anyone suggest any good resturants, bars etc over there worth a visit?
  18. H

    A must for the modern gentleman

    www.thechap.net :D
  19. H

    I'm getting a CPO!

    Laugh! I nearly wet myself.... Just been told by Dep. Chairman, that as a member of senior team I, if travelling abroad to 'areas of risk' must like the rest of the senior team have the 'necessary security'.... I did laugh... I had to ask.. "Ok sir, so when the chairman travels to such an...
  20. H

    Dilemma with work

    I'm after honest opinions guys.... Ok, here goes... I'm getting itchy feet! I have a full time position, very good salary and package (car, pension etc)... but I'm starting to miss the cameradrie etc of the job and the circuit... I've been off the circuit for 3 years now and am wondering if I...
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