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    Home Protector CCTV

    I managed to sort this out. Looks like the files corrupted during the download. Downloaded them again, although used the avi option this time and it worked. Although weirdly still showed a .h264 extension.
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    Home Protector CCTV

    I'm trying to help someone who recorded some criminal damage on his Home Protector CCTV. He needs to get some decent stills to identify the culprit. I've loaded the video files onto my laptop and they have a .h264 extension. I have various things that play and edit that format. However, the...
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    Advanfort - Chenai 6

    John Armstrong's family have announced that he has now left India and is on the way home. Hopefully that means the paperwork that all of them need to leave will be sorted in the next day or two and can get home. It is important for anyone considering working in Maritime security that...
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    Advanfort - Chenai 6

    I believe there is still a possibility of an appeal, that may be what is delaying them leaving the country. There might be a time window for the prosecution to say whether or not they will appeal. For those who don't know the history, they were two months in prison before any charges were...
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    Advanfort - Chenai 6

    Joanne Armstrong (John's sister) has just been interviewed on our local radio and says all 35 have been cleared but she does not know when they'll be able to come home.
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    You're going to laugh . . . but I need some info for a Dungeons & Dragons game.

    Small? Depends what you mean by small. Unless the rest of the party have swords, I'd go for sword down the back concealed under the jacket and some throwing knives. Or as it is fantasy mediaeval, disguised as a priest carrying a cross (or other big religious stick) that has a concealed blade or...
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    Advanfort - Chenai 6

    News just coming in that the Chenai 6 have won their appeal. This was just a newsflash on our local radio so I don't have any more details about release or those from the other countries.
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    ACID - Defence. Tactics. After Care.

    I might also be wise getting pH testing paper so that you can test what has been thrown. But treat anything being thrown as potentially hazardous, as there are things that won't be obviously bad for you initially but are very nasty indeed. Also, see if it is possible to get some sort of swab in...
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    ACID - Defence. Tactics. After Care.

    I wouldn't use air, the extra oxygen might help the reaction, like fanning a fire. I'm not sure on that, but I've never heard it suggested all the time I have worked with hazchems. I think there are a number of reasons it has become so prevalent. The government made it easier to get in one of...
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    ACID - Defence. Tactics. After Care.

    I used to work with hazchems in industry, so I'd love to know what their reasoning is for not using very cold water. Our emergency showers were at 5 degrees Celcius, the coldness slows down any chemical reaction. If we got contaminated we had to stay under for 15 mins, so any colder and they'd...
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    Looking for executive cp, low risk cp, residential security and events.

    May I suggest that you look at the number of "intros" on this site of people new to the industry and looking for work and compare that to the number of jobs. The fact is that there are far more people looking for that sort of work than there is jobs to go around. One of the reason there are so...
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    Daily occurence book

    You'd need to ensure that any data transfer was suitable secure. You'd need to log all entries in such a way that they could not be changed at a later time with each entry having an automatic timestamp of when they were entered as well as the time they type in to say when it happened. As Bubba...
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    un armed cash carriers

    I am trying to recall the last time I heard of cash being robbed in the UK from a proper cash carrier (ie. one with a box). I suspect that if you look at the statistics we have very little robberies of cash from professional carriers when compared to the US. The dye box system is far better than...
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    Courses in the UK Reserve units based in NI

    It's a while since I was in the reserves but generally they have access to most of the same courses, but they do them in a more compressed format. ie. Combat Med course was a month of 5 day weeks for regulars and two weeks of 7 day weeks for reserves. But there are only so many slots available...
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    Fundraiser for Homeless Heros

    This is a fund-raiser for our local hostel which prioritises ex-forces personnel. They not only give them a place to stay they get them involved in community work, get them work experience, give them training and generally help them get their lives back together. There's some good prizes up...
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    Sorry, I was talking about terrorist fatalities in the UK and didn't make that clear.
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    The EU had nothing to do with his family coming here.
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    Nothing to do with colonial heritage (although that applied with some other terrorists) his family moved here from Libya when our government was against Gadhafi. Some of the other Islamists have been from Christian backgrounds and converted, at least one was groomed solely over the internet...
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    The bomber was born here. How do you think the EU played a part?
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    tools of security members

    I've used the arches and the wands. Realistically, they are more trouble than they are worth. They give too many false triggers from belts, jewellery, metal bits in shoes etc. but aren't that good at finding things if they aren't close to the part where something is or are moved too fast...
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