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    Home Protector CCTV

    I'm trying to help someone who recorded some criminal damage on his Home Protector CCTV. He needs to get some decent stills to identify the culprit. I've loaded the video files onto my laptop and they have a .h264 extension. I have various things that play and edit that format. However, the...
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    Advanfort - Chenai 6

    News just coming in that the Chenai 6 have won their appeal. This was just a newsflash on our local radio so I don't have any more details about release or those from the other countries.
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    Fundraiser for Homeless Heros

    This is a fund-raiser for our local hostel which prioritises ex-forces personnel. They not only give them a place to stay they get them involved in community work, get them work experience, give them training and generally help them get their lives back together. There's some good prizes up...
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    Specialist car hire

    Having just had Russia's wealthiest man visit my home area, it got me wondering how people like that go about getting suitable vehicles when they are abroad. He arrived by yacht and went for a tour of the Lake District. I'm presuming that as luxurious as the yacht is, it does not have space for...
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    new type of water filter

    I've been following the development of this for a while and it is now available as a product. Whilst it is mainly aimed at people living in developing countries, I thought it might be useful for some of our members that are working in the less developed parts of the world...
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    St. John Ambulance Blue light drivers?

    Can anyone tell me what "blue light ambulance drivers" for St. John Ambulance actually do. The reason I ask is because one of our local election candidates is citing this as part of her medical experience, health cuts being a big issue in the area. She has claimed that she has driven the 40...
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    Controlled explosion due to police blunder

    Police blunder caused bomb squad to be called to 'suspicious' car in Cumbria Bomb disposal experts were called to a "suspicious" car at a West Cumbrian police station after a blunder by officers, it has been revealed. A controlled explosion was carried out outside Workington Police Station...
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    Are the NHS short of paramedics?

    I know there's quite a few here who work in the civilian ambulance service in the UK. Could anyone tell me if there are currently too many paramedics for the jobs available, or are they suffering from the same recruitment problems as most other medical professions. I ask because the proposed...
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    CNC to work until age 65

    Nuclear police officers lose pension scheme challenge Sellafield police officers have lost a High Court challenge over a new pension scheme. Specialist police officers who protect nuclear materials in the UK had challenged the scheme, which could make them work until they are 65. The...
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    Addressing protocol when woman keep her surname?

    How do you address a woman or a couple when the woman has kept her own surname? This is becoming much more common these days with many women keeping their surname for professional reasons but is very common in showbusiness, so I am thinking some of the CP crowd will know the rules. Take a...
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    MD81 mini-DVD

    Could anyone answer a few questions about the MD81 mini DVD cameras? If you are using it to view remotely over wifi, does it still need a memory card in, or does it work without it, does it also work on movement detect mode without a memory card? It only says it works with Windows and...
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    Weapons - collectors or psyhopaths?

    The link below is to a story about a murder in Cumbria. The person that instigated the murder had an array of weapons in his bedroom, the guns, are all legal (air rifles and airsoft), mostly the weapons are knives and swords. Take a look at all the photos that show the collection. I am...
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    Advanfort worker get 5 years in prison

    News just coming through that the security guards from the Seaman Guard Ohio have got 5 years in prison. News & Star | News | Cumbrian man jailed for five years in India
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    Should we vet foriegn airports

    It is now obvious that whatever caused flight K9268 to fall out of the sky, the security at Sharm el-Sheikh airport was a joke. An Airbus weighs from 39 to 48 tonnes empty (depending on model) and all aeroplanes carry extra fuel in case they need to divert from their destination airport for...
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    Huge new training centre for CNC

    'World class' training centre plan for Sellafield police By Jonny Irving A new state-of-the-art training facility for police officers protecting the Sellafield nuclear site is poised to get the go-ahead. The Civil Nuclear Constabulary want to build the 161,000 sq ft site on green field...
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    "Invisible" infra-red

    I have been doing some playing with infra-red LED's. All the information I can find says humans can't see anything above 870nm. however, whilst I can't see the light where it is shining to, I can see a red glow in the LED itself. I've tried 870nm, 890nm (both a very visible red glow) and 940nm...
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    Detection Rats

    In Cambodia, Rats Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Land Mines And Save Lives : Parallels : NPR Anyone fancy branching out?
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    Family of John Star ex Marine?

    I'm copying this from a facebook page on the off chance someone might have some information. A final big shout for anyone who may be able to help me find Johnnies Family before I take his Ashes to The Royal Marines Memorial at Spean Bridge. Johnny (John Ellis) Star, Born 22/5/1951 in...
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    Hostel for Homeless ex-service personel

    There is a hostel for homless ex-service personel going to be opening soon in my area. I was just wondering if there are any similar hostels anywhere else in the country, ( ie. specifically aimed at helping ex-service personel get back on their feet and in to work,) or if this is a first. Has...
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    retail security suggestions

    I need help / suggestions for a retail job I'm doing. Just to make it clear, I'm the bod in the shop, not the person who decides policy. Medium supermarket, about the size of Tesco at Shepton Mallet (the Glastonbury people will know that one). One guard in uniform, no access to CCTV, no...
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