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  1. J

    Key for front door

    The terminology is very important, but I do think that working to actively make your lock secure also makes your front door secure. It seems like the OP merely missed a step in explaining her question. Personally, I advocate for the use of secure deadbolts on exterior doors, simply because...
  2. J

    Dealing with Paparazzi - best practice

    I had a good ole' laugh reading through these responses. Definitely some measures that I will be taking advantage of myself, or telling people to use. On a more serious note, I guess one of the best things you could do was to tell them to hire some more personal security, or learn how to keep a...
  3. J

    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    You're right, it was that turn of phrase that made me think the footage was gathered without permission. I'm surprised that its not somewhat illegal or frowned upon to photograph or film children without their consent or a qualifying legal guardian. Something about that doesn't sit well with me...
  4. J

    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    That is true, but it is most often the case that it will result in a felony, regardless of some of the circumstances. From my understanding it doesn't seem like any of the people who were being recorded were notified and asked for consent in this scenario. That alone has the potential to move...
  5. J

    Hi, me and ma are hostages, can you help ...

    Tom Petty and Nicole Kidman...as in 'Free Fallin'" Tom Petty? If so lol
  6. J

    whats your favorite type of key and lock?

    Splendid use of the key pun colonel. I realized it was super old, my apologies for bringing it back up! I was scouring through random threads because I was new (am new) and still trying to find my footing, but the responses were too good of a laugh to pass up lol
  7. J

    whats your favorite type of key and lock?

    Reading through some of the responses on this old thread gave me quite the laugh. But to answer the question seriously, my favorite key and lock (as a set) are the Mul-T-Lock Hercular MT5+
  8. J

    JasonHale Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. I am most interested in door supervision, surveillance and key holding. Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role? A. I do not represent a company. I am joining this forum as an individual...
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