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  1. J

    Hi all, I provide a CV service for forum members. Please feel free to contact me for more...

    Hi all, I provide a CV service for forum members. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Kind regards JHD
  2. J

    Nil7222 Intro

    Hi Nil7222, Welcome to the forum. The Hostile Environment sector has changed in recent years, whereby most PSD Teams predominantly consist of Local Nationals with just one or two expats and this has resulted in fewer positions being available. However, you come from a very strong...
  3. J

    Help & advice - Security Management

    Hi Dan, The level 4 course through CRG is 8 days residential PLUS a post-residential distance learning assignment. The level 5 course through CRG is 12 days residential PLUS a post-residential distance learning assignment. Click on the following link and then 'Download full course...
  4. J

    Unusual prefixes

    Hi TMAC It appears that he/she was using Caller ID Spoofing. Here is a link that could be of interest:- Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing & Call Recording - Prank Calls - SpoofCard Regards JHD
  5. J

    French Open - Roland Garros previous knowledge?

    Hi Oasis I don't have experience at the French Open but I can highly recommend the following restaurant if you have the time or if one of your clients asks for a recommendation:- Chartier 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris Bouillon Chartier All the best, JHD
  6. J

    Maritime advice

    Hi I totally agree with your comments. Written references that have seen from Masters nearly always reflect the operators 'soft skills' and their ability to interact with them (the Masters) and the crew. I always ask the operators what the biggest challenge of their role is and most likely...
  7. J

    Maritime advice

    Hi protectasia Just to clarify I was referring to combat operational experience in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and not experience within the commercial sector. The best way to look at this is through the eyes of the employer:- Option 1 Ex-military guy who only worked in the UK...
  8. J

    Maritime advice

    Hi alex85 It is great advice that has been provided by trublue and I would suggest you give Ambrey a ring. A number of my former CV customers went on their course and without exception they gained prompt employment. A number of guys keep in touch with me and they are enjoying the work...
  9. J

    ❌❌❌❌london accommodation❌❌❌❌

    “Amazing room in Green Park Available now!†from SPARE ROOM.co.uk You may find this site to be of use. I have shown an example, which is just down the road from your gig. JHD
  10. J

    Now completed all my CP courses

    Here you go :) JHD
  11. J

    Now completed all my CP courses

    Hi ryanross If it is of interest I can show the 'look' that you should be seeking to achieve, which will have you in the actual image :) Regards JHD
  12. J

    Registering with PSIRA.

    Hi all You do not need to be a South African or a citizen of SA to apply for a licence. I have loads of information and contact details, which I am happy to forward to any of the forum members. Send me a PM with your details or email me on info@cpandmarsec.co.uk Regards JHD
  13. J

    Now completed all my CP courses

    Hi ryanross1893 Please take the advice provided by counterforceslt and I would also add that you need to have a shave, a more conservative haircut and do not take a photograph at home. My advice above is based on you seeking work within the non-hostile sector; although it is still...
  14. J

    Renewing SIA license

    Hi shogunronin My advice would be to take the difference between the cost of the 1-day upskilling and the 4-day course and allocate this towards other industry-related training. Having written hundreds of successful CVs I can tell you that the guys and girls who invest wisely in Personal...
  15. J

    SIA now defines headcams as CCTV

    Hi all It is a very interesting point that littlewoman has raised as it could have an impact on some of you. Under Licensing Integration a DS/SG licence holder can view CCTV (or video from a headcam etc) ONLY when it is to 'identify a trespasser or protect property' (know as CCTV-2). The...
  16. J

    Medi alert systems

    Hi all My mother-in-law has Parkinson's dementia and has failed to raise the alarm when she fell over in her bedroom. She was found by the carers the following morning and she had broken her hip. There are a couple of options that are available, such as a system that if someone is away from...
  17. J

    Wanted dead or alive!!!

    Hi all If he does return to the USA, then the best place to look for him would be Las Vegas. There are thousands of deluded idiots sitting at poker tables telling fabricated stories of their past. Bill's Gamblin Hall was a mecca for these type of guys, but it closed in 2013 (not sure...
  18. J

    ben1989 Intro

    Hi ben1989 Welcome to the forum. For your information, you do not need to come from a military background to work in the UK sector of the CP industry. I was looking through some of my former CV customers' CVs and interestingly only around 35/40% of guys who are working in the UK sector...
  19. J

    One result in the downturn of 'somali piracy'!

    Hi all I totally agree with Kurt's comments and would like to share a few points with you all. 1. If you select the right employer then there is plenty of work available (send me a PM and I will provide details) 2. You MUST show loyalty to a good employer (don't start 'jumping ship' for an...
  20. J

    declan Intro

    Hi Declan Welcome to the forum. I write CVs for the forum members and I'm happy to check through your current Resumé free of charge and with no obligation. The reason I am offering you this service is due to the fact that your profile has a number of spelling mistakes (that would not be...
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