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  1. J

    5 Tips for continued success in the PSD industry

    Hi all, In the past, the focus has been on how to make the transition from the army into the PSD industry. I would like to share with you some tips on how to stay successful once you are actually in the industry. 1. A contract is not forever – This sounds obvious but you will be...
  2. J

    Proposed change on CPW

    Hi all I would like to put forward a proposed change, which is in relation to the job vacancy section on the forum. I believe there are merits in going back to the former system, whereby members were able to post responses to the job adverts. This system provided the mechanism for members to...
  3. J

    RIP Ronnie Jessiman (CPO at G4S)

    Hi all I would ask you all to say a prayer for the friends and family of Ronnie Jessiman, who was killed in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan while working as Close Protection Officer on the FCO Contract. Ronnie Jessiman had served in 5 SCOTS before making the transition to the CP...
  4. J

    Stop the 'Happy Days'

    Hi all My advice, having helped around 2,000 people find work in the industry, is to avoid the habit of saying the phrase 'Happy Days' when talking on the phone to the potential employer and when sitting in the interview. Another point.....please stop saying 'Roger That' :) Regards JHD
  5. J

    Spelling mistakes on your CV

    Hi all I wanted to bring your attention to the following spelling mistakes that keep coming up on CVs:- 1. Their (as in ‘their’ duties) – spelt there (as in over there) 2. Role (as in the CP ‘role’) – spelt roll (as in what you would eat) 3. Whether – spelt weather...
  6. J

    Security Manager & Facilities Manager - Hants/Surrey/Berks

    Hi all I have been made aware of a position and I thought I would place it on the forum. This is a combined 'multi-site' role and suits a former SNCO who has had an exposure to Facilities Management in the military/and or the commercial sector, and experience within security management...
  7. J

    Private Chauffeur full-time

    Hi all Here is another job that could be of interest. As you can see it offers the scope for a long-term position. Private Chauffeur | Talent Private Staff Good luck, JHD
  8. J

    Chauffeur in London

    Hi all, Here is a position that I have seen:- Daily Chauffeur Job, London Regards JHD PS I'm not the Point of Contact so please do not send me a PM stating how great you are :)
  9. J

    Telephone Interviews

    Hi all, I just thought I would put up a quick post about Telephone Interviews, which are now playing a major part of the interview process. Telephone Interviews are used by numerous security companies as it is an effective way to screen many applicants quickly. They are usually...
  10. J

    PSD TEAM 2IC in Iraq

    Hi all, I am aware that Olive Group require a Deputy TL (Team 2IC) on one of their contracts in southern Iraq (I believe it is in fact more than one vacancy). I would assume that you will be within a 6-man team (2 Expats & 4 LNs) and the role is providing armed CP for clients who are...
  11. J

    What happened to Flight MH370?

    Hi all In the ongoing absence of any firm evidence about the fate of missing flight MH370, the world's conspiracy theorists have weighed in with explanations of their own for the disappearance of the plane. A lack of clarity from officials has allowed rumours to flourish. I thought I...
  12. J

    HEADS-UP for those looking to be a PI

    Hi all, The market is being swamped by so-called ‘Private Investigators’, some of whom have probably seen the rerun of Magnum on freeview and think this is for me. Some of you that read this thread would have already paid a fee to a company (or companies) to acquire a designated...
  13. J

    When it goes wrong!

    Hi all Here is a video for you to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gbMuTNTEYI Regards JHD
  14. J

    Requirement for a PSC (or potential walt) to provide more details when posting a job

    Hi all I do remember the problems we had before whereby companies were annoyed (and often rightly so) when their jobs were criticised, which was due to various factors including the level of pay. I also recall finding 2 CV Harvesters! Surely it would be a good idea for a 'company' to at...
  15. J

    Bad Interview - advice to make the right impression

    Hi all, Here are memorable points that I encountered when interviewing, or trying to interview, staff:- 1. They didn't turn up 2. They were late 3. They looked untidy 4. They didn't know the name of the interviewer 5. They didn't have a copy of their own CV 6. They didn't have a pen...
  16. J

    Walter Mitty SAS

    Hi all Walter Mitty season is upon us. This picture was taken in the garden of the Cricketers Arms, Leamington Spa. Regards JHD
  17. J

    Go easy on your drinking Bank Holiday weekend

    Hi all I know some of these pictures have been around a long time but they still bring a smile to my face. Regards JHD amazing drunk man Amusing drunk dude… A funny drunk man picture though… amusing drunk dude Crazy drunk man picture… crazy drunk man Drinkers… These are...
  18. J

    Watch out 2010 is the year of the C...???

    This came through on my email and it made me smile. Regards JHD Don't know if this is just a sick coincidence but.... 2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken - Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia 2008 - Chinese year of the Horse - Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing 2009...
  19. J

    How VIOLENT are you?

    Hi all At 9pm tonight on BBC2 is a Horizon investigation under the title of How violent are you? Michael Portillo visits the 'annual festival of violence' in Bolivia and has a go at fighting. It also explores the brain science of violence. He also witnesses a re-creation of a famous...
  20. J

    CPO Wanted

    Hi all I know this position is NOT what most would class as a CPO role. However, I was looking through one of the forum sponsors website (CTR) and if you click on the link it will provide you with the details. Regards JHD PS Don't forget to mention that you saw it on the CP World forum...
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