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    Hello Oliver - English CP , French spoken, but the system won't let me update or contact you...

    Hello Oliver - English CP , French spoken, but the system won't let me update or contact you other wise. I know Paris fairly well. Si vous avez besoin d'confirmation, s'il vous plaît appelez 07833 794 260
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    Embassy Security Force and Embassy Response Team Members (Afghanistan)

    Would that be a hostile sick bag ?
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    CP and Prawn Cocktail crisps?

    Worcester sauce and Marmite crisps - The way forward
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    Hello Charlie, I think the topic of language skills has been up many times and you hear the vis-à-vis for both sides. Being a polyglot can never be a bad thing. The point about certain nationalities not liking CP's or their aides speaking the same language depends on what they have to hide...
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    Which career in the armed forces would most help me to become a CPO in the future?

    Do as the Hippy says. Even though he's talking from a concrete bunker in a hidden isle, he can still offer sound advice from his fish bowl. But what is true, only a few manage the total Jedi skills. What ever you go for, keep the force pure and know your own mind.
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    Just passing by !!

    Just passing by !!
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    St. George : Do you have a flag ?

    May I wish you all a very Happy St. George's Day -Some Facts- St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in...
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    Operatives Required

    So far no reply, anyone out there ?
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    Foreign Languages?

    I think we've had this before, but it's worth going over again. Firstly, I agree with sorcerer ! ( what a great name) To learn any foreign skill, you must live it. Not just a language, but anything that is new to you. Take in consideratioin a new sport, martial art or interest -...
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    Operatives Required

    CV Sent Langs' French, Italian & Japanese. Will keep you posted.
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    Do Females get a rough ride

    I think (and maybe some may agree, some may not) after the stigma of the 60's-80's, police forces evolved, as did the Fire Brigade and the Military. The presence of women doing what was traditionally considered to be male posts, caused shock waves through all the forces. ( civi and armed )...
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    Vacancies in Dubai

    He's my brother too !
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    Foreign Diplomatic Weapons

    As per co19 - "It would be impolite to discuss any exemptions !" What possible gain do you have knowing or not knowing ? Sounds like one or too many ales in the Queen Vic last night... This is almost on a par with " do you know anyone in 14int ?" and " My uncle was at the Xxxain embassy...
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    What mobile phone to use..?!

    Samsung D900 for daily use o2 network, Samsung D500 spare vodaphone in the car paygo.. overseas Best phone ever Nokkia 6230. Battery lasts for ever. unlocked and get a simcard anywhere. only number stored would be local british embassy.
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    Jobs at Inkerman

    I've been on their 'data-base' for nearly two years. Weird thing is, they send very nice letters asking if I still wish to remain on their data base, but never a sniff of work. CP & Surv. Just looking forward to my next:- nicely embossed letter headed piece of paper from them !
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    Sia Exam

    For Doors - Licencing Act ( age,hours & 4p ) Health and safety , Drugs Act ( types and offences ) . Security - Theft Act ( understanding ) and above. Close protection. all the above and plus the law according to Sod and Rights according to Hobson.
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    Why are Bouncers/Doormen not given stab vests ?

    Why are Bouncers/Doormen not given stab vests ? Who is going to supply them- The pub or club ? Don't think so, I still know many locations that won't even give their lads a coffee ! BYO ! The Door company ? At the rates he'll be charging the venue, less the d/s wage, sadly won't leave much...
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    Surveillance Operatives

    Looks like someone is doing intel gathering !
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    Bin Sifting for evidence!!

    Hi Batty - Nice post from Blueonezero. Nicked a bloke once for doing the same ( 1989 ), he was a member of the press and only way to get it thru CPS was to get a complaint from the VIP's house. Several days later, it was withdrawn. Years down the line end up doing the same :(
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