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    Site Security Advisors

    We have an existing project up for renewal (its renewed every year and we have had it for 10+ years) and it may grow - we are potentially looking for site security & evacuation advisors for 3 sites in the Middle East - rotation 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off, you are also paid when on leave - must...
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    Assistance on Kroll Brand

    All Can I ask for as much feedback as possible. Can members give their opinion of what services Kroll provide, I am purely asking what services that Kroll as an organisation is known or believed to deliver from your individual perspective or from what you think the sector believes...
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    Risk Environment in KABUL 2015

    Can anyone who has recently come back or is serving in Kabul provide me with some information on the threats to Expats in Kabul as of March 2015 Many thanks
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    ROC Reports for Iraq

    If anyone has ROC reports from 2003-2010 - I am after reading them as some background reading Any assistance is appreiated Please pm me if you can help Thanks all
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    US State Department in Iraq

    If anyone is working on any US State Dept work in Iraq, can you PM me. This is not a request for assistance with a job. Best
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    Kenyon International

    Has anyone ever heard of this company? Id so can you give me some feedback on them? Thanks in advance
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    Arabic Speaking CP operators

    Please PM me if you fit the profile. Minimum langauage level sought: intermediate arabic 2 people required, one working at a time, rotation: one month on and one month off.
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    EXPAT Security in North Africa

    All I am hearing rumours that expat security working on long term assignment in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have to be paid in local currency in those countries and also are liable for tax...Is this true? Best
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    PSD services in Kabul reqd

    I am looking for a company that operatesand provides PSD in Afghanistan to provide CP on an as and when basis for 3 to 4 day periods in Kabul. Starting early April. Probably 2 visits per month Thanks in advance
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    SIA CP Operaters (UK)

    I work for one of the larger risk management organisations. I have previously requested 30+ drivers for a potential task. I now require SIA CP operators. I am now looking at the following. I am starting early as the task would not start until next year. But I provide CP to VIPs on a global...
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    CP drivers

    I work for one of the larger risk management organisations. I am looking for 30+ drivers (with a driving qualification other than your driving test or a bit of tuition on a civilian CP course) for a potential task. I am starting early as the task would not start until next year. But I provide CP...
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    german based security companies

    Just wondering if there are any german based companies on here. I am potentially looking for anlo-german speakers based in Germany. Not interested in people based in UK who speak German, or Based in France and speak Italian, or Based in Germany who do not speak German!! Thanks in advance
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    PSD Companies operating in Kabul

    Can anyone let me know what PSD companies are licensed and operating in Kabul. I am not after a job by the way. Thanks in advance
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    CP in Istanbul

    Can anyone confirm that for local CP in Istanbul, it takes 3 weeks to get them authorised to carry firearms? via local government? Thanks Nick
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    Fluent French Speaking Security Manager

    One year position to be based in Belgium, could extend for a second year. PM me if interested.
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    A big thank you

    Just wish to shout out a big thank you to callmedave for helping me out today with some docs. Really appreciate the help. Best
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    Calling any former prison officers

    If there are any former prison officers on the site that have a training qualification please pm me. Thanks in advance
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    London task

    I am looking for former Met Police Officers who live within the M25 with a SIA CP badge and valid first aid cert Thanks
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    English/French/Italian/German Speakers

    This is only at the proposal stage at present, I am looking for people with good risk management and crisis management skills who reside within London or Surrey who speak English plus either French/German or Italian, if you speak more than one of these all the better. Please pm me if you match...
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    has anyone ever heard of ?

    Defensesecurity-zorbet Apparently they are an italian company Please PM me with any knowledge of them
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