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    Soaking Gummy Bears In Alcohol

    Hi folks. Some of you may well already be aware of the below link. Posted recently by a few groups and also by Validate UK. I thought I would post a link as it's something we spotted a few weeks ago. But now 2+2 = 4. Underage Alcohol Usage: Soaking Gummy Bears In Alcohol Is Newest Trend For...
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    Security Patches

    Hi Folks, Wondering if anyone knows of somewhere you can buy the Security Iron On patches. Have a couple of jackets with blue and silver Security on the back (Heat Transfer) but wondering where you can purchase those patches ready to give to a embroider/press company. Any ideas would be...
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    Spikey - Anti Drink Spikers

    Hi All, Just a quick one for those who perhaps work and have worked with the Spikey anti spike bottle toppers. Be it from a Club management P.O.V or from a DS P.O.V. Few questions: a) do you think they are a good idea and have you seen any impact from them b) I know once in the bottle they...
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    Key Holding to start Q's

    Hi All.. Wondering if a few of you chaps and ladies can help me out. I have a few questions on key holding and this is the best place to help: 1) The chap incharge of Key Holding in the company has his KH Docs through but it states he won't recieve a badge for KH and that its a non frontline...
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    Glastonbury Money

    Hello All.. Just a quickie to see what I can do to check to see where my Glasto money is... Ive spoke to my boss as such and she says they are disputing the half hour pay before and after the shift or something.. Has everyone else been paid out ? Callum
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    Self Employed Question

    Afternoon All. Ive just registered myself as Self employed for the door work due to circumstances etc. They will be getting an information pack out to me in the next few weeks, but what i would like to know is. Should i start recording from now what jobs I do and money etc ? Callum
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    Advice on Festival Security

    Hi All. Would anyone be able to provide information and past experiences of doing Security at Festivals? Ive been offered to do a few this year and as im only in my 2nd month of being a DS I'm not sure what to do and how it differs etc. Also, do security staff camp in a different area to the...
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    First Night ID Help

    Hi All.. Not sure how to word this but here goes. I'm going to start my first doorjob tonight and im just want a quick check on opinions from people with regards checking to spot fake ID. I know the usual like Holograms etc but what ones specifically should I check for etc also is there...
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    Hi Everyone. Umm not sure how to word this, But here goes. Im about to start on the doors and a few people have said that the SIA have restricted what sizes torches a Door Supervisor can now use. As there are so many makes types models etc. Can anyone offer advice as too what the current reg...
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    CallumWW Introduction on 21st October 2008

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. DS Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. Tips, Information, Advice Q. Tell our members something about yourself? A. Only a Young'n being 18...
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