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    CP Badge renewals

    Ok, I know its a long way off, but come less than a year away the first batch of SIA CP badge holders will be looking at requiring their Licences renewed. I've been looking on other forums and it appears that the DS fraternity are having major issues with the renewal of their badges in the...
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    Job - Char Wallah

    2 x Char/Punkah Wallah's required to do menial tasks around the SOC on a current job running in France. Must be totally over qualified and hold his/her SIA licence Ideally with be ex Burmese SF but will accept any Tom, Dick or Harry as long as you bring Tetley bags with you. Milk and sugar...
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    Job - Range Manager - Wiltshire

    Hi guys 4exmil are currently recruiting for the position of a Range Manager in Wiltshire. I've just spoken to JC at 4exmil and he said it was ok to post here. 30k a year, company car visit Ex-Mil Recruitment ex military forces army navy airforce resettlement marine jobs iraq for...
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    Close Protection Course - UK & France SIA Compliant

    Hello All Project 4 working together with Trisec Security and RST Security are now able to offer "A global Opportunity in Close Protection." Edexel Level III award in Close Protection Operations Fire Arms & Control & Restraint UK and European Exclusive Centres International Careers Worldclass...
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    whats your favorite type of key and lock?

    Mine is my front door key, what about other members views?
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    Fast ball job

    Hello Guys Was offered this today, I am currently under contract but it may be good for someone. Money's shite but we all have to start somewhere, right!!! Good luck to anyone who goes for it. They will need your passport dets asap and also you will need to deploy tomorrow to be in country...
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    Job for French Speaking former Soldiers

    Hello Guys Just been told that Morgan Hunt are looking for former soldiers that are fluent in French for work in Holstile environments. email CV and covering letter to: benefits.42449.531@morganhunt.apiltrak.com Good luck Kev
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    French Military

    Been working with some French guys recently and this little snippet came up. Go onto google and type in: French Military Victories and then click i'm feeling lucky. I doubt it'll come as a shock. Enjoy
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    Associations - Forums - Networking etc etc

    Hello All I was just talking to a friend of mine and we got onto the topic of the different associations and forums etc within our industry. I was just wondering what other resources people are members of and if they find them useful or not. Here are the one's we came up with. What are...
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    Ask a Bodyguard - Big Black

    YouTube - Ask A Bodyguard: Big Black If you were wondering, just who is the better bodyguard, Kevin Costner or Big Black, click the link and you'll get Big Blacks views. Also for all of you who aspire to be all you can be, You need to check "my man muscles" of muscle protection league, i...
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    GRS Commemorative mugs

    hand painted inside with the slogan Deal Done You av been!!!!
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    Currently accepting cv's for PSD Operators

    We have been approached by a third party contact of ours who has asked us to assist in a potential contract in former French Colony in Africa. Without revealing too many details we are now accepting CV's for Experienced PSD operators (french speaking preferred but not essential) for this...
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    UK Job - Operations & Training Manager

    Hi All Was told about this earlier today. Operations and Training Manager for Securewest International. A company that deal with maritime security. I've worked with and trained with Securewest in the past and their training and general admin is first class. The pay is somewhat on the low...
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    M & A Security

    Hello All A friend of mine who has moved to London has asked me if I know anything of a company called Music & Arts Security, ran by a guy called Jerry Judge. Does anybody know of this company and what they are about? I did a search on the internet and came across their website but has...
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    Project 4 - Security & Surveillance Services - Introduction

    Project 4 - Security & Surveillance Services Project 4 Hello All I would just like to introduce myself and my company to the membership. I am Kevin Whyte and I own Project 4. We are a specialist security provider, based on the Costa del Sol, Spain. We offer various services to our...
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