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    Is business good

    How is everyone else doing ? cctv industry has got very busy
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    Return Of A Former Member

    Hi. Colin. I also have not been on in a while I wonder how other members are getting on in there field of security I think and see the industry is getting stronger It is with ours in the cctv industry
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    NVR integration with other ip devices

    Hi. It depends on the type of NVR. Standalone NVR ... The answer is no. A standalone you can't add software to read the info from the fingerprint reader PC based NVR...... Yes you can. As you can add software or alter NVR software using the sdk. And in both cases .. Standalone or PC it...
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    Forum errors

    Jim that's no excuse It's not hard to pull pints while using your laptop at the bar. DRINKS ON JIM
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    Forum errors

    Hi. Also the mobile version is totally down..... After doing forum IP check ..... There is a problem were the forum IP is also sent via Romania then back when you log on The forum IP has a cloud storage problem from these people ........voxility.
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    Remote viewing DVR

    Hi. To run PSS right you need to either reset your PC screen resolution and then go into PSS and under settings commands set the resolution for your screen.. And a quick fix at the moment as you can't see the menu buttons at the bottom is press the Windows key on your keyboard like this...
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    Remote 3g Camera(s)

    Does it work with 3G ?...........post is 8 years old
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    Anyone use this dahua big Panoramic Network Camera?

    Well you sell it .... you tell us
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    Ptz camera advice

    Hi. Jim . Problem with the link is the camera is a rebranded dahua 2mp cvi not compatable with hik tvi. Hik hybrid will run TVI AHD 960h standard analog.
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    Ptz camera advice

    Hi sloper....... TVI AHD CVI .... All do PTZ control up coax along with image. You can even run 8 cameras down one coax. What distance are you looking to see with your PTZ ? Which hikvision dvr do you have .....and how many channels
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    Ptz camera advice

    Hi. Hik HD are tvi cameras using the floureon IP you will have problems even tho it's ONVIF .... The IP camera needs to connect to your router of switch and you call it up from your network. Hikvision does a PTZ 2mp tvi which will be a direct swap for the camera you want to change as everything...
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    Smallest Diameter Analog/IP PTZ Camera

    Hi. Analog PTZ camera over mobile internet to a server ....... Has problems ..... You will need a stream from the camera first as it is analog also you can't use PTZ protocol over 3-4g direct to an analog camera. How do you intend mounting and using the camera
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    Smallest Diameter Analog/IP PTZ Camera

    Hi. More info would be needed. Will you be using a recorder or joystick control or direct PC PTZs are the size of your hand now .... Are you adding it to a system ?
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    CCTV Monitoring Software

    Hi. Is this something you are looking for Suspect tracking — Macroscop
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    CCTV Live stream Online

    Would of given you a better welcome but to spam ...... I don't no the online footage of CCTV ??? Yet leave a company link of company that does online footage ........ Your profile info is same address of the company link
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    conviction on cctv evidence only?

    Hi nomad9. No one has asked the question yet ...... But are you SIA ?
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    CCTV/media installer required

    hi. giving an area / location of install might attract more installers
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    CCTV Design Software

    Hi. a very good software is this JVSG: CCTV Design Software also look for a platform that can do both analog and MP. will save having to use two types of software
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    Hi I have also delt with Keeps. one of the good guys out there.
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    hi. you can run gsm or wifi direct from the unit and if you pick a camera with SD card then you dont need a dvr. also it will work with the axis covert ip cameras and again no need for dvr ...... you can record from another location via pc or laptop. the hardest part is the sim card...
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