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    I'm officially a crim.

    Definitely pay the fine and have done with it, you can visit a court any time and watch the process and its free that way.
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    SIA Licence appeal

    Premier makes a very valid point, security personnel are supposed to be able to act within specific guidelines/laws and have an element of integrity, it appears that this integrity is lacking in this instance. That should be a factor in any appeal. That said common assault is a relatively minor...
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    Appealing a badge over very small drugs charge.

    Given the fact he was in possession of less than a gram, and cocaine is usually sold in street deals of 1 gram, it leads us to believe he had taken half of the stuff. Likely whilst on duty, putting not only himself and his colleagues at risk but also the public which he is paid to protect...
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    Address Search

    What about it?
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    New Pre Charge Bail Laws from April 2017

    Bail should be extended by the courts or discontinued. If you are on bail for Common Assault your conditions will likely only be to attend a police station at a specific time and the limit your access to witnesses. This doesn't effect any other element of the investigation or seized property.
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    More than likely looking at a stalking offence, unless the images captured private moments that were gained for sexual gratification, then as already stated Voyeurism is an option
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    Please Help/ Baton

    Batons are of limited use, I have used one and the person run off. Baths issued to the police in the UK and to small and to light to be useful most of the time. People seem to think 1 hit and a violent person will stop, just not the case.
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    Doing CP work without a military background?

    You may get some UK based CP work if you train with a respected training company, but I wouldn't expect to get much or well paid. Anything outside of the UK especially in conflict zones will be almost impossible to get without military experience, even ex armed police struggle as they generally...
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    The public, camera phones and your workplace!

    Anyone can legally film in public, however on private premises not filming can be a condition imposed on visitors. A place can be classed as a public place and not be public land
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    Recommendation 1/2 man tent

    I recommend Vango Banshee also.
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    CoC cpu rmp

    Highly unlikely anyone will identify CP operatives or tell you what commitments they have. This would be abysmal OpSec and highly inappropriate. If you are Military you can get some of the info through dii
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    I appreciate that you may be going through a tough time, but the logic doesn't add up for me. The hacking of accounts can be proved electronically and traced to a wifi and MAC address (Potentially). The fact you are wandering a back alley at night and wearing headphones is odd given the threat...
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    Something seems a little odd with this account. Has it been reported to the police? What have they done? Has the hacking of accounts been looked at by the police? Given the 'rumours' (and I can guess the content) is it Wise to fuel them by installing covert devices? Something doesn't sit...
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    Obtaining an extendable baton in the UK

    This only applies to public places tho
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    Secret audio recording legality

    Only applicable to Government
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    Obtaining an extendable baton in the UK

    I have never known a Police Force train recruits in OST/PST prior to signing a contract, it would be a waste of time and money.
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    Obtaining an extendable baton in the UK

    It is no unlawful to buy or sell extendable batons, nor is it unlawful to own or use one for training. It is however unlawful to have one in a public place. If you have undergone OST training already you will undergo more prior to being deployed. You need a min of 12 hrs annually anyway. I...
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    Are the NHS short of paramedics?

    Absolutely agree, when you look at the pay, with is horrendous, then you look at how paramedics are treated by the public, which is abysmal and then you consider that you are lumbered with poorly trained work colleagues because the NHS has no real desire to adequately recruit paramedics who cost...
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    Are the NHS short of paramedics?

    Pay and conditions for paramedics is horrendous. I am guessing that doesn't help
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    BTEC Lvl 3 for Professional Investigators

    In what way assist?
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