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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    Hi everyone, Since getting my Door Supervision license back in November, I started looking for work... I started by applying on Indeed, asking local friends who are in the industry and advertised for work on a few local Facebook "looking for work" groups. Shortly after asking for work on the...
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    Advice on Door Supervision apparel

    I'm currently taking a Security Course, and i've chose both plain Security and Door Supervision to help extend my employability in the industry. When it comes to the dress of door supervisors, is there a dress code depending on the location of work, for example, smart white shirt and tie at...
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    Hello Need Advice

    I've been looking into getting my SIA license, to give me a wider range of employment opportunities, and i need advice. I'm a little bit on the concerned side as, earlier in my life, just over 5 years ago, i had a couple of small mis steps in my life, and i was wondering if this would impact...
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    alanjohnson Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Mainly as a doorman or security guard Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role? A. not applicable Q. What do you hope to gain from the Close Protection World forum? A. advice and support...
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