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    Recommend me some shoes for Executive CP

    Thanks all. I got a pair of the Amazonas ordered which seem suitable. I have a pair of (relatively) comfortable dress shoes which I'll use when full smart is needed, and use the amazonas (providing they feel alright) for standard wear.
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    Recommend me some shoes for Executive CP

    Hello all, Moving into Executive CP, London based. I have various smart shoes, but they're not really that comfortable when you're in them for 12 hours. What shoes would you recommend me that are comfortable for a long shift in the saddle, but still smart and suitable for CP duties...
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    Festival Security Vacancies

    I know it's early, but if anybody would like to do some festivals during the summer, one of the companies I work for have started their recruiting for this season. If you're interested either use the link to apply, or alternatively message me and I can answer any questions. NDSS (Diamond...
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    Sonisphere 2014

    One of the companies I work for will be doing Sonisphere as a sub-contractor. We're recruiting if you're interested? Send me a message. The top level contractor however is G4S, and backstage will be done by them. They generally use some of their more experienced staff for that area so unless...
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    GLASGOW CITY. DS Vacancies. 2x Full-Time, 2x Part-Time.

    I think I need to reiterate that this is a DOOR SUPERVISOR vacancy with a NIGHTCLUB. While you can do this role with a CP badge, I am getting a large amount of applications from users on this forum not reading the thread at all and sending me a generic application for CP work, including foreign...
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    GLASGOW CITY. DS Vacancies. 2x Full-Time, 2x Part-Time.

    Please also include your Height and Weight.
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    GLASGOW CITY. DS Vacancies. 2x Full-Time, 2x Part-Time.

    Company Name: CPL Entertainment Job Type: Door Steward (Nightclub) Location: Glasgow City Centre (G1) Pay Rate: £8ph PAYE (PLUS 5.6wks Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, etc.) Description: VACANCIES: 1x Experienced Male Full-Time (Absolute minimum 3 Shifts per week, usually 4/5/6) 1x Male Part-Time...
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    arKmm Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Door Supervision and Events Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. I don't represent a company, but I do work for several you may have heard of. But in the interests of anonymity I shall...
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