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    Paramedic Advancement?

    A qualified paramedic has stuck "Dr" before their name. Apart from possibly but very unlikely they have become a Medical Doctor is there any advancement in the role for this to happen? Thanks
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    Mobile phone Listening App

    Any recommendations for an Android app that allows someone to call the phone silently and listen in? I have access to the phone and permission of the user and owner. To be used to check on vulnerable adults. Thanks
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    CQC advice on covert recording in Care Homes.

    It really is a sad state of affairs when the commission looking after health & social care in the UK has to issue guidance to members of the public in using covert recording equipment to ensure their loved ones are being looked after.:( Well worth a read. My tally so far is one "at home"...
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    MI5 Recruiting Mobile SV

    Good luck☺ https://www.mi5.gov.uk/careers/mobile-surveillance.aspx
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    Covert USB Voice Recorder. Any Recommendations?

    Lots on ebay but has anyone used one? It is going to be plugged into a TV so ability to download something watchable to add authenticity. It is unlikely to be noticed or challenged but a bit of content protection would be nice, just in case.:) Needs battery life of max 72 hours. Thanks.
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    Blocking a phone from making a 999 call?

    Not security related more to do to with the "confused" elderly in Care Homes who want a phone to keep in touch with family but who sometimes may make inappropriate calls or have the phone "borrowed " by someone else. I know about the "My/Own Phone" from age UK but is there any other...
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    'It's a Fair Cop'........Police Humour on BBC Radio 4

    Maybe more suited to those in or out of the job but a very clever idea. The first one is about shoplifting and should be a must for all those in retail security. Not available for download. BBC Radio 4 Extra - It's a Fair Cop, Episode 1
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    Snooper Lynx XL Speed Camera Warning & FREE My-Trak £79.

    Just seen this offer in "The Lifeboat" magazine. Both of these for £79. Lynx XL My-Trak The offer is not on the web page but if interested place an order for the "Lynx" and the "my trak" appears on your order form. Enter the code "Lynx50" for the discount.
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    PIR with Camera/Recorder Recommendations?

    I need to fit 2 cameras to keep an eye on carers visiting an elderly woman. The house has a working alarm system but is not used so I was thinking of replacing the PIR in the 2 rooms. A quick google brings up many that are stand alone cameras and need a separate recorder. Gaining access...
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    BL...Delay in start of processing applications although Implementation date stays!!

    If they cannot get ready for BL how on earth are they going to cope with PI??? News and Updates
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    Filming in restricted buildings & Filming abroad.

    A couple of scenarios came up over the last week. In either it is understood that if the case went to court it would be up to the judge to decide if the footage is admissible but the question is more to do with the personal liability of the operator. Any footage in both WOULD have to be...
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    Sony WiFi Camera for Phone/Tablet

    I am a great fan of WiFi cameras and have had some good results lately. Has anyone tried this? Sony QX10 Lens Style Camera for Smartphones and Tablets: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
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    Deleted SIM card message retrieval

    Apart from not deleting the messages in the first place:) any recommendations?
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    SIA Business Licence

    Just got back from a SIA seminar on licensing. My interest was in sole traders. If you are self employed you do not need a BL, however if you are a sole trader with a LTD company then you will need a BL. The cost is yet to be set by the HO but there will be an initial application cost and...
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    Anyone with a HGV licence?

    I got this email today. I know it is not security related but may be of use to someone. We are currently running a project that requires shoppers who have a current HGV licence or are connected with an HGV business in some way. The assignment will be very well paid, as you will need to...
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    Mobius Action Cam (New version of the 808 keyfob originals)

    Mobius Actioncam Full HD Sports Camera 1080p 30fps 720P 60FPS Pocket Camcorder | eBay And the always excellent review by "techmoan" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wmIyD1fM4M
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    Replying to posts in this section.

    Admin, I understand why there are restrictions on postings in this and the recruitment section but why is it some can post on these threads and others cannot? http://www.closeprotectionworld.com/members-looking-work/81676-british-police-officer-looking-change.html
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    Vehicle Interference & Power of Arrest

    Since Vehicle Interference is a summary offence can you be arrested on suspicion of it?
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    Boat delivery from the Med to Dubai

    I am not talking about a tanker or a container ship but a 40 foot plastic sailing yacht. Max speed 7knts A genuine question......Viable or not? Please be gentle.......
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    Anyone going to own up?

    Private investigator fitted GPS tracker to 999 worker's car while she was on sick leave from fire service | Mail Online I suppose when the new course and licence comes in things will be better:rolleyes:
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