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    Armoured Corps?

    I assume you meant a forum for? I'd second that.
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    Cnc application

    I applied CNC myself, 2 years later I finally get a response just to the intial application and it's a fail on competency questions, because I had no idea about police core competencies so if I made up some bullshit I could be a police officer but as I used real life situations and not 'police...
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    South Africa RPL NQF etc

    Anyone know if British service is recognised in South Africa in terms of prior learning etc for instance PSIRA Grade E you learn things such as: - Explain the requirements for becoming a security service provider - Conduct a security patrol in area of responsibility - Apply legal aspects in...
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    NATO troops clash with Afghan allies

    I think more to come like this with how long the war would need to continue to bring stabilisation...:o
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    Radical Muslims to march on Wootton Bassett

    It's safer to live in Iraq as an Iraqi citizen than South Africa as a South African citizen, ones a war zone... I love how people protest and preach about things they know nothing about. I wonder how many of those wanting to march have ever been anywhere near the middle east or seen first...
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    Found the cheapest UK dealer: http://www.traserh3shop.co.uk :cool: I was checking P6508 and going there instead of h3-watches.co.uk you save £16.50 :D So the Mil discount needs to be more than %10 to save from h3-watches.
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    This is from the links you guys had - http://www.h3-watches.co.uk "sole authorised Importer & stockist UK Sales and Service Center" sole? but.... http://www.h3watchshop.co.uk/ My link has a larger selection and doesn't say it is the sole distributor when it isn't:cool: However I can't...
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    Joining the legion

    branleur/wanker Looks interesting:cool:(FFL I mean, not the word branleur;)) Living at home still waiting(for a year now to rejoin Brit Mil, this recent delay is for holidays, I get to wait some more, lucky me) but with no job couldn't even afford to get to france nevermind taking money for...
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    police use of suppressed firearms

    I found out in basic training that at high frequency's I have slight hearing loss in one ear I'm sure came from firing a 30-06 round without ear protection(through a very nice rifle If I say so, nice sling too and scope:p) when hunting in South Africa with my uncle when I had gone back for a...
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    Now Pay Attention

    ..but what about "the one" who always is in any group that needs to see a repeat performance after vacation on cloud 9:rolleyes:
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    This must be joke

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    Outrageous Walt!!!

    I don't get these people if he's going to risk pretending being SAS(I'm sure not capable of being a life-long pastime pursuit), surely he will do some research and wear things correctly? Or perhaps he is even more daring...and want's to be on the run:cool: Perhaps just likes shiny things...
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    PM Brown snubbed by Afghan Vets at Selly Oak

    Whatever's popular is what politicians are committed to...
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    Blackwater's secret war in pakistan

    "Xe Services LLC" now.:o Not quite as catchy as Blackwater in my opinion...
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    Armor group

    ...hope the army will let me back in to join them, and that they have any spaces to do so by the time they do:(
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    Webbing or vest suggestions please

    10% discounted to forces too...
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    What are you currently playing with?

    Soon a new well-made pull up bar constructed of metal, rather than a thick peice of wood wedged into a corner upstairs:cool: ...well I won't be 'playing' with it, a bit more useful than that...not sure as to it's cricket/tennis etc playing usefulness but I'm sure I can hit things with it:D
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    British military fitness

    What determines the level? 1.5mile run time?:cool: In your own time...1.5miles...GO! Oi, slacker at the back....'URRY UP!!! :);)
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    Webbing or vest suggestions please

    A few more to make choice harder or to get the best price:) http://www.body-armour-protection.co.uk http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk http://www.dragonsupplies.co.uk/ http://www.cpgear.com Dragon Supplies make alot of Webbing configurations.
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    Girl, 10, tazed by police!!!

    The girl as probably 800lbs with red shot eyes running straight for him!! What's a guy to do:cool:
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