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  1. J

    I know what a US bar is like... But forgotten what a UK Pub is like to blend in

    I think a tobacco tin would look out of place in a high percentage of places and being used by a high percentage of people! You'd be much better off with an e - cigarette box...
  2. J

    Covert camera

    You can pick up the Lawmate PV 900 HD (evo) for under £350 here: https://www.spyshopeurope.com/en/lawmate-pv-900hd-kit-w-cm-ep10/344/15 Much better spec than it's predecessor and £150 cheaper than if bought from the UK.
  3. J

    viksyno Intro

    You haven't been in Hatton Garden lately have you? Welcome Viksyno
  4. J

    Honing your skills

    Dorin I don't think you're going to find many wild animals in New York, well actually I could be mistaken?! None you're going to be able to hunt too freely anyway!... Personally I would do whatever I could to get the $50 (ish) for that book you mention before doing anything else! It really is...
  5. J

    Mobile Phone Investigation Job Quotation

    I hate to be a jobs worth, but correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think that's entirely legal in the UK? PM me the number and I can tell you what network it's on...
  6. J

    Full Proof?

    I was wondering if anyone had any dealings with a company called FullProof Surveillance or FullProof Intel or FullProof Training The CEO goes by the name of Mark Hill Wood but has used numerous other names over the last decade (Mark Cas, Mark Castley, Phillip Buffett) each carrying with it...
  7. J

    looking for an opinion on a specific camcorder

    Also to note, the auto focus whilst good can be a little jumpy with an obstructed view! And although it's listed with manual focus too, there's no focus ring you have to go into the settings on the display and manually choose the focal length you require...
  8. J

    looking for an opinion on a specific camcorder

    I was looking at the panasonic V550 recently and on paper at least you can't really beat it when it comes to value for money! £180 from Curries at the time of writing. I didn't buy it because i got side tracked looking for something with a viewfinder rather than a display (or also with). I did...
  9. J

    ahmad41 Intro

    You might want to have a think about putting all your personal details out there like that! Lack of personal security awareness isn't good...
  10. J

    ahmad41 Intro

  11. J

    Getting into surveillance

    I had a look at The Surveillance Academy and many other TP's when looking at courses and although the prices and London location were very attractive I decided against them and opted for ISS for similar reasons to those outlined. I don't want free kit, I want the best training from the best...
  12. J

    The Islamization of the UK continues...

    While I completely agree with I believe that as long as we continue to call people names that they would find offensive we are just adding to the problems and divisions between communities I also believe that England will never be majority Muslim as Saudi arabia will never be majority...
  13. J

    The Islamization of the UK continues...

    For me it was more the comments after the article
  14. J

    The Islamization of the UK continues...

    I'm all for debate, but that's a bit strong!
  15. J

    for smart phone users

    I like the look of those, nice and compact, cheap enough too... To be fair I've previously used a leisure battery from halfords for things like that. Hardly portable but definitely a lot of juice though...
  16. J

    for smart phone users

    How much thickness does the zero lemon add? I can't see any dimensions and I can just about hold the handset as it is. Also do you find yourself using the extra battery power?
  17. J

    for smart phone users

    Thanks Niallyan, Sent from my (nearly) new note 3, with lux lite installed. Downloading the CP world app did get me thinking why do apps need to access so much of your handset.... Hmmmmm
  18. J

    for smart phone users

    i did look at a used note 3 today and the technology did seem very good, reasonably priced, i also liked the pen, good for chubby fingers! but i really couldn't get past the size, comparing it to older phones it seems massive and very indiscreet, although for browsing speed, media and spec it...
  19. J

    for smart phone users

    nice post, i don't want to hijack it but thought would be a good place to ask peoples opinions on smart phones and why they've chosen a particular one? i'm in the market for a new phone and have been looking at a few different models but i'm completely spoilt for choice! i have previously used...
  20. J

    Jogger Arrested For Colliding With Prime Minister

    i completely agree, observation can be difficult, but when your number 1 priority is to stop possible attacks on your principle, then that is a complete shambles!! surely a lone man running in the direction of, then able to collide with the prime minister is a massive, massive failure of...
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