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    Covert camera

    I bought this same key camera in France. PV-RC200HDW WiFi KeyChain Camera - WiFi Enabled Key Chain Video Camera The quality of sound and video is very good. With the wifi, it's interesting to manage the recording. With car keys, very discreet. Ideally, when you sit, you can put over...
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    Vehicle anti ambush drills flash card

    Thank you for the document, it is very interesting. thank you again
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    Places to purchase equipment on line.

    To complete the list Thank Halo61 for the list To complete : Israël : Israeli Special Forces Gear - Leg rigs Marom dolphin - Tactical Vests Israel Military Surplus - Israeli Army Surplus (IDF) Store France : Site de Tac Store - Boutique en ligne d'équipements professionnels...
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    Tibah intro

    Hello I am french. I discovered your forum on a french forum specialized in close protection. I am novice in the close protection sector. Ago some years, I realized a training course with UCP Group in France. I want to learn and to discover this job because I like this. I prefer to...
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    tibah02 Introduction on 13th February 2011

    thank you !! @tengahboy : It's the center where I am in french army. It's a video. I not know to explicate in english so it's an explication in video (we are in uniforms blue or black). YouTube - Scots Guards, régiment Britannique au CENTAC or YouTube - forad centac It's a training center...
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    tibah02 Introduction on 13th February 2011

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. I do not represent a company. Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. The area in the Security Industry which me interest is close Protection in Europe but after to have taken experience, I...
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