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    Anti-IS-combatant arrested

    Anti-IS-combatant arrested ARNHEM - The 46-year-old former Dutchbat soldier Jitse A. Leeuwarden was arrested in Arnhem because he would have slain IS fighters in Syria. A. did last year in the media and on Facebook account of his struggle against the terror movement. He fought on the side of...
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    Stabproof vests .. yeah right

    This got me a good laugh.. geesh where do they order those things: :D Israeli reporter accidentally stabbed while demonstrating ‘stab-proof’ vest An Israeli reporter was accidentally stabbed while demonstrating the efficacy of a stab-proof vest. Israel has faced almost daily...
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    Walk around the world :D

    Recently i got dared to walk / backpack around the world. It's just my thing and would love to. So thinking about it and having quite some discussions, it would be a great opertunity to raise fund for certain charities around the world , my thought go out to WWF and support groups that help in...
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    Latest Weapon in War on Crime: DNA Spray

    Latest Weapon in War on Crime: DNA Spray - Mist contains markers designed to identify would-be crooks In the Netherlands' port city of Rotterdam, crime is way down, thanks to ... a little scientific innovation. Hoping to reel in the number of robberies, police began dishing out DNA spray to...
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    The Hague : Soldiers are like children :D

    THE HAGUE - Soldiers are like little children who leave their toys lying everywhere after use. That considers the National Audit Office in its latest annual report on defense again criticized the material management in the armed forces. Gerrit de Jong Rapporteur notes that many things are...
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    Dog shot 40 times in head, tied up and buried alive

    Star the dog buried alive up to her face and shot 40 times in the head | Mail Online The discovery of a dog that was buried alive up to its nose after being shot in the head 40 times has led to calls for Malta to reform its animal welfare laws. The crossbreed mongrel, which was named Star...
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    Ronald Naar - April 1919 - May 22 , 2011

    The Dutch mountaineer Ronald Naar, perhaps the most famous adventurer of our country, in China killed during a climb. In first was unwell and died later at about 8000 meters altitude. Said his wife said Monday. Naar was born in 1955. Back in the seventies he climbed, often as the first...
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    The annoyance of training

    I just examened for MBO2 Allround security officer in the Netherlands. It was quite the experience , going to school 2 to 3 days a week for 14 months :D . Training is done by ex marines , basicaly pretty good i think. So we examed the 5th of august , glad to have another gov. recognized diploma...
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    Opening lips police Cuffs with a piece of paper :D

    Lol i found this on youtube.. anyone confirm this to be true ? :D YouTube - How to LIPS politie handboeien openen
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    Rediculous hard exam

    LOL We had Friday as part of our total security 2 package the CCTV exams. I reside in the netherlands by the way. After finishing all of the school (16 months work/school) except my last practical exam wich i do in 6-8 weeks to get the license. We had to do the CCTV exams , i didn't go as i told...
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    FredB Introduction on 07th June 2010

    Hello all :) My name is Fred Currently i reside in the Netherlands , will be moving this year to USA, NC I am an Ex Policeofficer (2 Years) , Ex Correctional officer also 2 years and decided this was boring hehe , Right now i am finishing security schooling (16 months school and work) and...
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