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    Where did that Will/ walt post go?

    Just musing out loud.
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    Iraq '14 FFS

    FFS, haven't they fukced enough countries yet, indebted us enough, killed enough civvies or enriched the military industrial complex enough yet? This really is the time of "War without end." LiveLeak.com - RAF Jets In Skies Over Iraq LiveLeak.com - How Much Will Airstrikes On IS Cost...
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    ISIS unspun and bare-boned

    An excellent video which delves into how the game has been manipulated thus far. The Covert Origins of ISIS - YouTube BTW the US are flying in 13,000 blokes to Camp Sphinter up in Tikrit. URGENT: 13,000 American troops to deploy to Speicher Base in Tikrit, Iraq - Iraqi News The game is on...
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    Tony Blair and family volunteer to start the new campaign in Iraq

    I'm sure as he's so pro-war that he and clan will be first on the ground. Obviously the ME peace envoy is going to put his money where his mouth is as he feels rather strongly about it. Tony Blair warns British troops may have to return to Iraq and 'accept casualties'  | Daily Mail Online
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    Who said maritime has gone to shit?

    Check out these highly professional guys! Which coy uses Indians and wear grey t-shirts? LiveLeak.com - Maritime Security at it worst! Someone's going to get sacked for making this little film............ But then again what does the client expect for $50 p/d?
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    Bullet-proof G4S

    If someone was to tell me that they'd get a high-profile contract such as this after all their fu ck ups as of late I'd say they were taking the piss. Just how high are their mates that they keep getting massive contracts out of being inept twats? UK security firm snatches up If you or I had...
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    Where TF did this ISIS shit come from?

    I've been meaning to write about the rise (from nowhere of this group, ISIS) especially since the French press have actually printed (thus thoroughly researched) the fact that the head honcho started off with Mossad. It's proved that they funded by the western allied Kuwait, Qatar and KSA and...
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    All wars are bankers wars.

    I don't think this film has been posted already although if it had it would have been me that posted it. "A den of vipers" indeed. If you have a spare 45mins this is invaluable information. The central bank con.... LiveLeak.com - All Wars Are Bankers Wars 'Banned from Facebook'
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    Head man of Quantam Risk screwed over by HMG.

    Now, I'd never even heard of this gent or his outfit but a couple of observations immediately came to mind: Couldn't the septics have discovered that they'd been overcharged for a job before they needed to extradite him to the US? Couldn't they have just asked for the difference to be paid...
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    Psychiatrist's grip on the forces.

    The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry [FULL DOCUMENTARY] - YouTube This is a wild documentary from the US and goes into the hold over the forces that psychiatry has had(surtout the US forces) since WW1. I've wondered why the suicide rates, familial murder rates, child abuse and shootings have gone...
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    Hijacking attempt brisbane-Bali?

    ...Or just a pissed up, angry Aussie? Probably a slight exaggeration to go public with this as a hijacking? LiveLeak.com - BREAKING: Virgin Blue Hijacked in Bali, Indonesia | 25 April 2014
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    Why do UK coppers insist on sticking their hands in their pockets?

    Is it just so they don't go "all French" or is there another reason? Makes them look bloody unprofessional and scruffy IMO and something you'd expect a PCSO to do till being told to get them out by a proper copper. The couple of vids here demonstrate what I'm on about. There are current...
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    Bundy Ranch-Harry Reid, BLM and the Chinese take on lowly cattle rancher.

    I don't know if this is being shown in the UK but it's a hot-potato in the US. Well researched 11min vid for you showing how thin the veil is between public-figures and corporational and personal profit..... I love the smell of conspiracies in the morning and this is a cracker. LiveLeak.com -...
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    2x UN whities shot in Galkayo airport.

    BBC News - British and French UN workers killed in Somalia named I would have thought the UN would have made sure their people were looked after a bit better, especially in that shitey place. They're putting it down to a copper with mental-health issues but considering that the place doesn't...
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    British mercenaries in Yugoslavia...

    This just came on LL. Funny to see some old faces on here. C O'D and AI- hats off to you. 50mins but worth it. LiveLeak.com - British Mercenaries, Yugoslavia
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    So, along with already acquiring tens of millions of rds of 5.56 and 7.62 along with the MRAPs and lots of other Gucci war-fighting kit the Dept of "Homeland" Security is now buying 1,200,000,000 + rds of what I can only say is probably illegal on the battlefield. It would appear that you 2nd...
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    Selection to be HSE'd!

    Health and Safety chiefs force SAS to soften entry test after deaths of three soldiers on training march | Mail Online Well, bugger me. Sort of takes the "S" out of "SF".
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    Handguns to be available...

    ....to responsible users in the UK and not just for the criminals/police? Hand guns should be legalised and licensed, Nigel Farage has said - Telegraph It is a fact that since the UK ban was brought in gun crime went through the roof as the crims knew that no armed resistance would be...
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    Police attempt to "restore public trust?"

    Well what can I say? Even the police (notice the lack of calling them filth, so this thread can't be side tracked) acknowledge that they're not trusted. Metropolitan Police announces £1.6m trial of wearing cameras: Commanders hope footage will help restore trust in force | Mail Online £1.6m...
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    PR- Septic style!

    I have no idea where to put this but thought the "World Irish Pub" was maybe the place.. Absolute classic from the Yanks :) but it may be a big wind-up(?). LiveLeak.com - Air Force Apologizes For ?Tasteless? Christmas Ham Drop In Afghanistan
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