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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    True, I will add that when asked, he practically avoided answering any question in regards to bank details and didn't even ask for any proof of work details such as national insurance etc
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    I just find it strange how he has suddenly cut all contact and not responding to any messages or texts in regards to work, and I would add, when I did ask him about work, and how pay is organised, he rang me before the shift and explained the job and would completely avoid answering any question...
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    Hi everyone, Since getting my Door Supervision license back in November, I started looking for work... I started by applying on Indeed, asking local friends who are in the industry and advertised for work on a few local Facebook "looking for work" groups. Shortly after asking for work on the...
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    Advice on Door Supervision apparel

    Hi Prem Thank you for your reply, with my course the tutor asked everyone what form of license they wanted, and to be honest over 90% put down door supervision, but the tutors are basically teaching everyone basic security guarding to everyone as a mandatory requirement, and anyone who put...
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    Advice on Door Supervision apparel

    I'm currently taking a Security Course, and i've chose both plain Security and Door Supervision to help extend my employability in the industry. When it comes to the dress of door supervisors, is there a dress code depending on the location of work, for example, smart white shirt and tie at...
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    Hello Need Advice

    I've been looking into getting my SIA license, to give me a wider range of employment opportunities, and i need advice. I'm a little bit on the concerned side as, earlier in my life, just over 5 years ago, i had a couple of small mis steps in my life, and i was wondering if this would impact...
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    alanjohnson Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Mainly as a doorman or security guard Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role? A. not applicable Q. What do you hope to gain from the Close Protection World forum? A. advice and support...
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