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    Sale of PI company? Advice needed

    Hi everyone I'm currently operating a company with two trading names - one focused on the corporate market, with the other catering for the private client market. I'm struggling to do both due to an ever increasing workload and am considering what to do with the private client section. The...
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    Urgent: Help needed - ABI Seminar tomorrow

    Hi everyone I require some urgent assistance if at all possible. I have been let down by a supplier (they're blaming the courier, the courier is blaming them) in respect of covert wifi cameras with live feed functionality. I had ordered 2x Lawmate AC20 covert wifi plug cameras for use in an...
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    Locus Reports: Wolverhampton

    Hi all Do we have any users around the Wolverhampton area who are experienced in providing Locus Reports? My usual go to people are unable to cover this location within the time frame requested. If you are interested, please message me with availability, cost and experience re locus reports...
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    Arrest re tracking device

    Hi everyone I read this earlier and thought id share it - Man arrested over 'GPS tracking devices on his wife's and her lover's cars'* | Daily Mail Online - which looks as though it will reopen the tracking device debate. I think it is a matter of time until this is clamped down upon and...
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    Covert camera recommendations

    Hi all As above really, I'm conducting an investigation into a work place re thefts and thought I'd get recommendations as to cameras people prefer, etc. I've thought about using my various law mate cameras within something in an office space but I'm not sure they'll have the battery life...
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    Recommendations please: covert camera

    Hi all As above really, I'm conducting an investigation into a work place re thefts and thought I'd get recommendations as to cameras people prefer, etc. I've thought about using my various law mate cameras within something in an office space but I'm not sure they'll have the battery life...
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    Client ID

    Hi everyone What are other investigators protocols for taking ID for clients? I've had about half a dozen call this week all wanting services on a no names basis - not how I like to operate and have been unsuccessful in convincing them to go ahead because of this. Interested to hear about...
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    Surveillance operatives

    Hi all I am looking to build on a small network of trusted and experienced freelance surveillance operatives throughout England for adhoc work. Eligible operatives will have attended a reputable surveillance course with ISS, TSG, Ronin etc, or have police/military training and experience...
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    "Bin Spinning" - the legal and ethical debate

    Morning all I was having an interesting discussion last night with a colleague about the merits of "bin spinning", as there are quite a few legal and ethical issues to consider. We concluded that, if done in the right circumstances, it can be done legally, however, that there is a real...
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    Wanted: spare covert cameras, etc

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy some spare equipment for use in training, recruitment and, in emergencies, as spares to current field equipment. Does anyone have any equipment they're looking to offload? Looking for any law mate cameras, radios, etc. Feel free to PM me. Kind regards TF
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    Big detection

    Hi all I'm looking for some reliable providers of counter surveillance, bug detection etc. Ideally, a company or individual that specialises in purely that, as I appreciate it isn't a straight forward art and need genuine expertise in the field. Any recommendations? Thanks TF
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    North West group?

    Hi all Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year! Does anyone know if there are any North West investigators networking groups or committees? I appreciate there's national groups, such as ABI and PIN, etc, but any specific North West ones? Thanks TF
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    Alternatives to 192.com

    Hi all I wonder if anyone has any experience of other platforms other than 192.com for the purpose of background checks - are there better resources for available at a similar price? I've been using 192.com on recommendation from another Pi, but wonder what else is worth considering. Do...
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    Can anyone recommend any PI specific insurance companies to provide public liability and professional indemnity. Had a quote of £300 so far and wondering whether this was a good rate or not. Thanks Eddie
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    Looking for PI work (ex-police, level 3 PI trained)

    Hi all, I live in the city centre of Manchester, former police officer of 9 years with various covert and CID experience. I have also obtained my Level 3 PI award with ISS Training and have a Masters in Law. Whilst I am new to the private sector, I have a lot of experience and looking to...
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    Level 3 PI Award

    Hi all, I'm just after a little advice. I'm a former police officer, with a Masters in Law and looking to undertake a PI qualification. I understand that the Level 3 is generally thought to be the required qualification, but are there any other options to consider? My understanding is that...
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    Covert camera

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for a covert camera? Preferably something that can be carried on person, I.e. A key fob, pen etc for use when carrying discreet tasks at shops/ markets, etc. I've tried a few and have found the quality to be average, with the main bug bear being...
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    Level 3 PI training

    Hi all, Does it matter who I do the distance learning course through? I've seen such varying degrees in prices that I don't know whether I should be forking out the additional money. I appreciate you get what you pay for, but the qualification is the same regardless? Any thoughts/comments...
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    Most common surveillance tasks?

    Hi everyone, As a rookie in the private sector of investigation, I wondered if you could share your experiences of the most common types of work you undertake? Is it mostly domestic, commercial or has that depended on where you have targeted your efforts? Thanks Eddie
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    What camera kit does everyone prefer?

    I am considering upgrading my SLR camera (that I've mostly used for personal use) to a Nikon D7000 , with two lenses - 18-55 and 55-250). What camera and lenses do others use and for what purposes?
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