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    CPP Books

    Does anyone have the CPP study books they are looking to sell?
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    Physical intrusion detection & prevention systems

    Hi Guys, Is anyones area of expertise in physical intrusion detection & prevention systems, that would be willing to share some knowledge with me? I am starting an assignment and this is my subject so trying to do as much research as possible. Thanks
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    ARC Security Surveying and Design Course

    Has anyone done the above course and got any feed back on it? If not the actual course the training provider?
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    Arabic Static Guard Training Lessons

    Guys , Am after some Arabic Static guard training powerpoints word docs etc if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.
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    Guys, I know Anubus vs CR course has been debated at length previously, but what is everyones up to date opinions? Is one course better and more highly recognised than the other? Also how does the qualification compare to the ASIS CPP course? Thanks for your help
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    Saladin Province

    Hi Guys, Am trying to get hold of as much recent info on Saladin Province as i can, infastructure roads etc, any info greatly appreciated
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    Basra airport

    Anyone any Int on whats happening up there right now?Am hearing cars impounded teams arrested on a large scale
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    Iraq Mapping

    Hi Guys,am trying to get my hands on mapping for South Iraq, Basra , Rumalia etc, any help would be much appreciated
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    CP Companies Take over

    Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm or deny these rumours ive heard out here today, 1)G4S are buying out Olive Group 2)Garda World are buying out Cr Any truth or just rumour mill working over time
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    Two British Soldiers Killed

    Two British Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan Again showing how the hard the job is for the men out there . RIP guys
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    PSP or CPP Books

    Hi all, Does anyone have any of the Asis PSP or CPP books that they are looking at selling?If so i would be interested. Thanks
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    Work in Iraq Ending??

    Just thought would be good to see peoples opinions on wether work really is drying up out in Iraq.Everyone knows there has been big visa issues and threats from the Government that PSDs will not be aloud on the oil fields but i do not see any sign of the work drying up.If anything the opposite...
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    OPs Room

    ok Guys what im after is just different ideas on what people think should be in a succesful ops room
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    Hostages freed in Somalia

    US special forces have rescued an American and a Danish hostage after a shootout with suspected pirates in Somalia, according to reports. US Navy Seals (Sea, Air and Land Teams) flew into central Somalia's Galmudug region to launch the pre-dawn raid on the kidnappers' base, according to local...
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    So the Iraq visa issue is back,currently been going on since start of year with no one sure how long it will go on for,let's just hope not as long as last year
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    RIP Carl Davies

    Murder 'cover-up' over ex-Marine's tropical isle death Initial tests suggested he died falling into a ravine Credit card, cash and mobile were all found with him Authorities now believe he was stabbed repeatedly By Leon Watson and Rebecca Evans Last updated at 1:44 AM on 19th November...
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    Prince 2

    When looking at moving into management side of things has anyone done this course?It is not a specific Security related course but a management course and i wondered what emloyers etc thought of it
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    E learning

    Hi, Has Anyone done the security management course with elearn,if so what is there opinion?Am looking at doing some distance learning courses while I'm away and was looking at this,alternatively if anyone could offer me any alternative courses would be appreciated
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    Hi all, Am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good company who deals in overseas mortgages.Am looking at buying a place in the Canary islands.I'm also not sure with the job how easy this will be. Many thanks
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    British Council Building Attacked

    Suicide Bombers Hit Brit Offices In Kabul Suicide bombers have attacked the British Council offices in Kabul, on the public holiday marking Afghanistan's independence from Britain. At least three people were killed in the initial attack early on Friday morning, the city's criminal...
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