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    CPP Books

    Does anyone have the CPP study books they are looking to sell?
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    Am I doing something wrong?

    A brilliant offer there from JHD. I have to say i have had Julian work on my CV several times and always produces outstanding results. Would definitely be worth getting a review of your CV and if it requires work i can not recommend JHD highly enough.
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    Physical intrusion detection & prevention systems

    Hi Guys, Is anyones area of expertise in physical intrusion detection & prevention systems, that would be willing to share some knowledge with me? I am starting an assignment and this is my subject so trying to do as much research as possible. Thanks
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    ARC Security Surveying and Design Course

    Thanks JHD. It is more to carry on with personal development, rather than to be looking for work. I am already in a Security managers job, but like to carry on progressing. I was supposed to be starting the CSC course by Bucks New University in September but they have now pulled the course so am...
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    ARC Security Surveying and Design Course

    Has anyone done the above course and got any feed back on it? If not the actual course the training provider?
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    Arabic Static Guard Training Lessons

    Guys , Am after some Arabic Static guard training powerpoints word docs etc if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.
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    How and who will I start training with?

    If its hostile Environment work you are looking to do, i am afraid you can forget it without Military experience. There are so many people now with Military experience courses and often CP experience currently looking for work. The market is Saturated, and with Afghan winding down i expect even...
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    Looking cp work iraq (mev until end of dec 2014)

    Not sure how true it is, but rumour i heard today is GW have not had license Ext letter and are flying blokes out of theatre
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    close protection companies in iraq

    Look at the date of the post!
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    Ship with armed guards detained in Indian waters.Advanfort!

    i have heard the guys have been charged, which if true is obviously really bad news for them
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    Support Marine A

    The problem is the camera.Why keep something like that lying around on a laptop. I do not disagree with what Marine A did in the slightest but whoever kept the tape was either very stupid or very naive.
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    Deployment advice

    Haha ok Carl, blown my cover, was trying to look switched on!!!
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    Deployment advice

    Depends what company you are going to work for, to what they issue. Most people will say Companies should issue you with Maps but i always make sure i tak my own set of maps with me. You will get issued body armour etc but you will find alot of guys prefer having there own and having it how they...
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    Project management and Security Consultant courses. Advice needed

    Sorry i slightly misread your post but if you go to Arc Training | Security Management Training Courses you will find ASIS CPP training packages. YOu will still need to book the exam at one of the test centres after though
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    Project management and Security Consultant courses. Advice needed

    Larpy, which course have you taken with ASIS the intense 1 week course or the 2 week study programme
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    Frontier MEDEX's real colors?

    The fact is they dont have to do what you say, but if you want a job with them you have to do what they say. Theres no point whinging about it or saying its an anti Us attitude when you could not be bothered to fill in the application form
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    Frontier MEDEX's real colors?

    If you can not follow basic instructions and fill in the application then why should the company look at employing you.
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    Basra PDF Maps????

    Good man Daz
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    Guys, I know Anubus vs CR course has been debated at length previously, but what is everyones up to date opinions? Is one course better and more highly recognised than the other? Also how does the qualification compare to the ASIS CPP course? Thanks for your help
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