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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    If you are Ed then i shall quit :)
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    yeah we don't re-do grades here :)........................ shame
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    Devoted mother commits suicide

    very tragic indeed, may they both rest in peace together, so sad
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    you may think that is funny but i have been here over 4 years and i have NEVER taken from this forum not ever! And funny as you may think it is I am not laughing!
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    you are really NOt making that sound any better ED
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    no i am just checking that basically i am being accused of taking bribes! Just making sure that is what i am being accused of here
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    Hang on are you saying that MODS take money to clear a ban? I am just checking that is what you actually mean, and that is exactly what you are saying there ED, making sure that is what you are technically acusing me of there!
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    my dogs have never tried to hump anyone, how very dare you...... eat you yes i cannot deny that
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    we forgive you for your sins of welshness it isn't your fault :)
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    CPW Volunteer Moderators required

    MM we are hard worked and understaffed we make errors :)..... or else why would we be asking you bunch of reprobates if you fancied a job? :).... go post some jobs or something :)
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    CP Medic quals...

    as a CMT1 you are qualified to do an OSM course, husband just did his this year and he has been out of army a good ten years, granted he has been working in hostile on and off last 7 or 8 years but you can take an OSM course with a CMT1 qual. He did his with medipro, excellent course
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    UKPPDA 18 August

    I think your fine with this one gents, you are not offering training and the like it is an event that is fine, hope you have a great time and it goes well
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    Life changing career

    what kind of Cp work do you wish to do?
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    RIP Neil Armstrong

    BBC News - US astronaut Neil Armstrong dies, first man on Moon
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    Prince Harry: naked photographs published online

    ahh but you see i'm not bothered in his tackle. Think the whole thing is ridiculous that they can't leave the poor lad alone, even royalty deserve some downtime and to have some privacy. Tat red tops that print the pics are nothing more than gutter press as to be fair it is not in the public...
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    Cyber Harassment

    cyber bullying is becoming an utter plague, it disgusts me just as any bullying does! It is mindless, faceless and can have devastating effects on those targetted. Shameful basically, as is all forms of bullying
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    Jello, WTF is all that about?

    jam OJ is called jelly to my knowledge in the US. I know my eldest daughter goes mad for grape jelly, and has everyone she knows bring her it back from America, even her Dad brings her it back from PX in Iraq when he gets a chance to get it for her. Personally i am an American skittle whore...
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    looking for some facts from the tried and tested guys

    sorry but you say you were a bit of a tearaway i just wondered if that had ever got you into bother that maybe would mean you'd be refused a licence, ie being charged for an offence or cautioned and the like. I have no inclination to know details in any depth, i merely ask because before you...
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    Iraq visa

    i simply mean some companies get you a visa in a matter of days, it all comes down to which company you work for i'm afraid
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    ds looking for any work

    oh and showsec do the work for the arena in sheffield and god knows its a cheap enough train trip out there get in touch with them, and yes i do live in barnsley so i do know what i am talking about, your just not trying very hard