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    RIP Neil Armstrong

    BBC News - US astronaut Neil Armstrong dies, first man on Moon
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    Happy Yorkshire Day

    Oh yeah we have our own 'DAY' here in Yorkshire....... So to all good Yorkshire men and women wherever you are in the world right now HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY to you all
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    Thought this may cheer all you surveillance types :)

    BBC News - Private investigators should be licensed, say MPs
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    Happy 4th July

    Have a good day to all you folks amongst us who are in America
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    3 Uk soldiers killed in Afghanistan

    BBC News - British troops killed by gunman in Afghan police uniform
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    quite shocking really

    BBC News - Funeral soldiers turned away from bar in Coventry
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    any ex paras in South Yorkshire area

    If there are any ex paras in the South Yorkshire area I met a lovely old chap last night at my cadet unit who along with others in the area go to a lot of local country fairs and the like where they do a bit of airsoft stuff with the kids and try and raise some funds they are looking for some...
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    great chance for you lot to show us what your made of :)

    The Soldier Challenge - Home | For ABF The Soliders' Charity
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    interesting BBC News article

    BBC News - The UK firms who tackle Somali pirates
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    outrageous you can't go about sacking the bear

    well how very dare they sack old Bear from his Tv job, don't they know that women have needs to see Bear getting his kit off :) BBC News - Bear Grylls sacked by Discovery Channel
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    article from BBC re anti piracy work

    BBC News - Dangerous waters: Running the gauntlet of Somali pirates
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    police k9 at crufts

    BBC News - Crufts: West Midlands Police dogs 'boost officers' morale' Nice to see something good about crufts these days
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    never fails to disgust me that these people exist

    BBC News - Father's anger as Afghan soldiers' Essex plaque destroyed
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    OMG what is the world coming too G4S taking control of police stations now!!!!!!!!!!!

    BBC News - Private firm to run Lincolnshire Police station
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    last known serving member of WWI dies aged 110

    BBC News - 'World's last' WWI veteran Florence Green dies aged 110
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    2 brits to face charges on guns in afghanistan

    BBC News - Two Britons in Afghanistan face gun charges
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    soldier killed on Friady named

    28 January 2012 Last updated at 20:34 Share this page Email Print Share this page Share Facebook Twitter UK soldier killed in Afghanistan named by MoD Lance Corporal Gajbahadur Gurung was born in Majthana, Nepal Continue reading the main story UK troops in Afghanistan Military deaths...
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    Happy Australia Day

    To all out Aussie members have a great day, chuck a few shrimp on the barbie and have some tinnies :)
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    iraq finally hand over body of dead hostage

    BBC News - Body of Iraq kidnap victim Alan McMenemy handed over
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    royal navy capture pirates

    BBC News - Royal Navy captures 13 Somali pirates