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    Security Guard services

    Hi all, Since it's a security forum, I would like to get a clarification on security guard services. I'm planning to hire security guard services for my business. Hence I would like to know whether security guard services are taxable or not? Before hiring the security guards, I would like to...
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    HD Wireless

    There are a lot of cameras that handle HD images. For a nice HD quality video and audio transmission, a good HDMI cable is required. But before you dive into the best wireless HDMI transmitters/receivers on the market there are a few features to be noted. They are: 1. Operating range 2. Video...
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    Little Help for a newbie

    Happy to know that you have successfully completed the project. It is always good to experiment on things. Now I'm sure that if you get one more chance to connect a CCTV camera you can complete it within a short time.
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    Best camera to use for 24hour surveillance out of a car

    It varies from $400 to $3000. It's based on your need you must pick the camera.
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    whats your favorite type of key and lock?

    I prefer Double-Acting lever locks. A double-acting lever lock consist of a bolt, and a set of levers with a slot. When you turn the key in the lock, the levers must be raised to a precise height to allow the bolt to slide through. It is a great lock for high traffic or security-compromised areas.
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    Hi all, I have a installed CCTV cameras at home. I wish to get the live footage of whats happening at home in my phone. How can I do that? Is it a simple process?