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    SIA Licenced Instructor/Trainer Available

    Dear all, I am a qualified instructor registered with Highfield to deliver door supervisor courses, with solid sector competence (I have held various head door positions, as well as various festival work including response and have been licenced since 2007). I am currently putting the...
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    Professional Back on the Market :-)

    Good afternoon all, I am now currently looking for short term or long term projects either home, or overseas. I hold a SIA Door Supervisor licence. I have both military and commercial operational experience. My recent security related positions have been as Head Doorman/Security...
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    Doors in Leeds?

    Afternoon all, I'm looking to get back on the doors in Leeds, so who currently has the majority of the doors there? Anyone currently working Leeds? Cheers Paul
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    RDS Training - Hull

    Anyone have any experience of these? I'm looking into undertaking instructors quals for teaching DS courses and these are just up the road from me, accept ELC and seem to have a decent rep. Any opinions warmly received.
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    HSE and Medic Role - Middlesbrough

    Been doing a bit of research into whether NEBOSH is worth doing and came across this.....thought it might interest someone.. Site Safety Advisor /HSE Engineer Contract Location: Middlesborough Duration: 6 months + A Site Safety Engineer is required to join a large contract team onsite...
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    Experienced Security & Risk Professional Seeking Opportunities

    Good afternoon all, I've recently left my position as company director of a non-security related company, and am looking to get back into the fold, so to speak. I am now currently looking for short term or long term projects either home, or overseas. Or festival/event and doorwork. I...
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    Company Start up and SIA Transition

    I was just wondering...... I'm toying with the idea of starting up a group of companies providing security training (amongst others) probably starting with DS and SG, further down the line staffing contracts, and recruitment for the security industry. It's just an idea at this stage. I...
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    New Door and Next Seasons Events

    Afternoon all, I'm very likely going to be starting back on a regular door in a few weeks. Now, after working some events over the summer I'm thinking that I'd like to go back to it when the event season kicks off again next year. I have the impression some of you do this as well, so...
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    Student Unions

    Anyone worked a student union? I've come across a job advertised for a security supervisor for a university student union, paying £8.50 p/h for 15-30 hours a week. I was thinking it might be a nice little part time number, so just curious as to people experiences?
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    Paid Surveys

    Guys, Stumbled over this while I was looking on UK jobs: Find a job, build a career. It and thought it might be a little earner. So, is it gen? Anyone done this and got paid? The link: UK Paid Survey Site Cheers Paul
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    Paid Surveys

    Guys, Stumbled over this while I was looking on UK jobs: Find a job, build a career. It and thought it might be a little earner. So, is it gen? Anyone done this and got paid? Cheers, Paul
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    Tidy Worldwide Weekender

    Afternoon all, Has anyone got any insight into who's providing security to to Tidy? Or is anyone involved in it already? The links is below FYI Welcome To Tidy Worldwide Weekends Thanks all, Paul
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    Experienced Security Professional Looking for Event/Ad-hoc/Short Term Work

    Afternoon all, I am currently putting the feelers out for work. I am not looking for a fulltime job, nor I am I looking to commit to a regular weekend door. I am, however, looking for event work, parties and/or functions, one off events (such as boxing, for example) etc etc, or even one off...
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    Event Security Companies - West Yorkshire

    This is probably going to be more for the guys in the Yorkshire area. What event compannies operate out of the West Yorkshire region and can anyone recommend any to work for? I've recently parted company with my regular company, and may be looking for event work over the next month (which...
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    RMP CP/UKSF/Police Prot only

    Hi all, Firstly, this is in no way a dig at Excellentia, who incidentally I have had recommended to me as a training provider, just fancied starting a discussion (slow day). I've just seen this advert in the vacancies page and it got me thinking. The ad suggested to me that unless you...
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    Primus Group CP Training

    Afternoon all, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with this company in the context of either their CP course, or for the more experienced guys, if you've worked with, or employed any of their 'graduates'? Any info would be appreciated. Cheers,
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    What Earpiece do you use?

    Right then, I need to buy an earpiece. Stuck between one of the FBI style covert ones.... MOTOROLA SECURITY RADIO EARPIECE COVERT STYLE FBI 2 PIN GP300 CP040 XTN446 | eBay Or the Earbone vibration ones...... Motorola Earbone vibration Earpiece, FBI covert Style.2 PIN GP300 XTN446...
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    Securi-care LTD (Leeds)

    Evening all, Wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so I opted for this one. I was just wondering if anyone had heard of the above company, Securi-Care (Northern) operating out of Leeds. I've emailed them a CV last week and haven't heard anything. That doesn't necessarily mean...
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    G4S Vacancies - Iraq

    Evening all, I've just been on the G4S website and theres various jobs on there for Iraq. Ops managers, PSD nad some others. Worth a gander if your on the job hunt. Cheers
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    Anti-Piracy Conference

    Been sent this from the website. Might be of interest to some of you sea farers........... “By far the best anti piracy conference attended†Seaway Heavy Lifting Contracting Ltd Dear Colleague, Are you confident your security strategy will protect you from...